View Full Version : Vehicle Cam Annoyance

2010-11-12, 12:01
Another suggesting which I want to make after my previous suggestion on the sensitivity is the fact that the vehicle cam has changed. After the installation of thermal imaging; I have realised that when the cam is activated the front of the vehicle cannot be see...

Now that is very frustrating when we remain stationary for a long time and lost the sense of the direction... Is it possible to either:

- Put a little logo which car is travelling like before?
- Zoom the cam a bit more back so we can see at least 10% of the front of the car please? 8-)

2010-11-12, 13:08
suggestion forum is closed.

2010-11-12, 13:22
Lol, if you move a lil bit youll get where are you, don't be vague, also ask your sl to put a marker to the north or some objective

2010-11-12, 14:51
The suggestion forum is closed for a reason. Suggestions outside that forum will lead to infractions.