View Full Version : Helicopter Rkt Ammo

2010-11-10, 14:33
So I don't know how well this would work but it doesn't seem like it would be to hard. What about adding different types of Rkts such as Flechette or smoke? For example on the scout helicopters, 3 flechette, 4 HE per pod. All you have to do is just make a sort of shot gun radius x distance from the ground that horribly destroys infantry and that's it. Just food for thought. You can do the same for Attack helicopters too if you really want. Just add 8 and 11 or whatever you like (Rkt pods fire in zones, 19 tubes = 3 zones A6, B8, C5, 7 Tubes = 2 Zones A4, B3).

2010-11-11, 23:45
It could work, but TBH HE rockets are the most effective, and flechette rockets are probably not possible on this engine.