View Full Version : Can not Fly Jets!

2010-11-06, 19:45
I have been playing PR since it first came out, I have had no problems. There may be a simple solution, however for Example Well on a Training mission in Kashan the two aircraft just outside the US main base (F16 and A10) when I choose the Pilot kit and go to fly those two aircraft it says I am unable to fly and it kills me! I understand if I wasn't using a pilot kit however I am and it still kills me??? have I missed a post or something in the manual on this?

2010-11-06, 20:07
the ones outside are BOT ONLY jets so humans cannot use them, use the ones in side the base

2010-11-06, 22:50
Thanks! only reason why I was trying to use the F16 over there is because in the last patch there was an F16 that was faster and far more maneuverable, so it must be because of the new characteristics in the new patch.... the turn radius of the new format is extremely slow, but I trust the PR team that it is as realistic as possible so no complaints here... Keep up the great work PR.

2010-11-07, 12:39
The faster one is the Bot one. Bots are a bit thick and so need some help in the form of over powered assets. :p The slower ones are the normal jets that are found in the normal pr game modes.