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2010-11-04, 05:30
Anyone else feel like the ground is made of ice sometimes? Seems like vehicles slide around on the slightest slopes as if their tires have no traction what so ever. Not sure if this is a correctable issue but it would be nice if it was.

2010-11-04, 05:39
yeah, I agree, would be great to make the vehicle to stay on slopes. Really annoying when your tank is sliding a 20 degree terrain.

2010-11-04, 05:45
Sometimes it helps if the driver gets out or switches from/to the driver seat while the vehicle settles.

2010-11-18, 23:39
Bumping this with a little more feedback.

From nearly all tracked vehicles I have crewed so far they all seam to take a excessive amount of damage from the terrain. For example driving the PLA MBT from one side of Wanda to the other took us down to near 50-60% health from all the mico-slopes in the terrain. Even when you try to drive very carefully its kinda impossible to not take damage.

My point - It unbalances tank combat. Tanks that have to travel further over uneven terrain come to the fight with less health and can easily die to 1 AP shell, where as a tank fresh from main may still be at full health.

Vehicles that are damaged and returning to base often dont make it back now. Ive had at least 3-4 apcs and tanks blow up on me RTBing with white smoke trying to drive carefully, it just takes so much damage from terrain its impossible to make it back alive in many cases.

2010-11-19, 00:35
There are actually roads and rolling hills on Wanda Shan guys. If you're driving a tank/apc through a forest or over crazy terrain you're doing it wrong.

2010-11-19, 01:37
Yo, its also a thing called THERMALS, the white shitty smoke does not work anymore :P.

I did not see any superdammage, even on Wanda Shan.

2010-11-19, 06:10
NO vehicle should be damaged by traveling over hills. I have taken damage from small bumps in my path will in the tank. The m1a1 and m1a2 where designed for this. Look up some videos of what they can do in real life. To my knowledge no vehicle in this game is capable of being damaged from bumps or what not in the maps. The tanks are too weak also. The abrams is armored just as well if not better then the challenger. The challenger has taken 15 RPG's and survived. If you want to be realistic about tank/apc crews should not die right after the vehicle being disabled. Yes in real life it gets disabled most of the time not killed. The crew should be able to get out. Maybe have a roll the dice effect. So you get a chance of survival after the vehicle being disabled.

2010-11-19, 23:30
I have to concur that terrain damage to vehicles is a big deal, and it should be doing a lot less to vehicles than what's going on now.

2010-11-20, 13:55
Everything that separates good drivers and bad drivers is good and makes drivers job more challenging. :)

2010-11-20, 14:38
In my opinion a bad driver is someone who only sticks to roads. Im not just talking about Wanda shan. The beach on Gaza I have lost namers that are heavily damaged driving back to base just driving over the terrain, anyone who drives on the road there is just asking to hit a mine/arty ied.

My point is like I said - it unbalances tank/APC combat. The further you drive on some maps Wanda, Silent in the Puma's you take damage, thus is in any vehicle vs vehicle engagement you are at a big disadvantage to no fault of your own.

2010-11-20, 14:48
I'm not saying that you have to stick to roads. You just have to know when stick to them. There are here on purpose and it's realistic that driving on them makes you vehicle more stable, isn't it?

I enjoy driving APC on Wanda Shan and whenever I do that I do not stick to roads, I rather stick to my team and cover them, so when we reach our destination they can drop me repair from logi. I prefer planing ahead and sticking to them that getting on hill and camping everything. Now it makes more team focused drivers in a little favor.

2010-11-20, 16:12
The problem is that the suspension of vehicles in PR, which seems to basically compress too easily and go all to way to it's maximum position, at which point the entire vehicle starts to take damage.