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2010-10-31, 17:45
It's a long story, but tell me what I could have done better as a commander.

Well, it was a huge game before. But as the map switched to Silent Eagle, the troops deserted until there were about 30 left on the whole team. I vouched to command the Germans and got the position.

We started off with an infantry squad and a small logistics team. The logistics team headed East towards the airfield and eventually captured it, while the infantry squad had decided to para-drop into the water, of all places. After the fifteen minutes they took floundering, airfield was already taken, so I had them head East into central village. Meanwhile, Ridgeline, to the East of airfield, was next on the objectives list.

The logistics squad had grown into a full-on infantry squad by now, and had the backing of a single APC and transport helicopter. They made it to Ridgeline and proceeded to secure the area and build a firebase, but they were getting shelled by mortars. I ordered the transport helo, who had just dropped crates off at central, to go on a reconnaissance sweep south of the area, which is where the squad leader reported the shots were coming from. The helo found nothing, and the mortars induced no casualties.

Meanwhile, I had gotten the UAV up, and spotted an enemy APC and firebase in central, with very few and scattered infantry, about 3 or 4 men. I quickly deduced that the enemy had adopted a armored doctrine, and that we were going to see a lot more tanks, very soon. I took my logistics squad and ordered them to build an FOB with a TOW missile in some houses on the North-Eastern flank of central village. Big mistake. As soon as they had started shoveling, two tanks came in and blew them all to hell in five minutes. Then the UAV went down, and the jets went up.

There were reports of enemy jets in the air, but they couldn't do anything without the aid of spotters on the ground, which I doubt they had since most of their team was on armor. Eventually, their pilots crashed.
Their jets appeared at the same time ours did, but I ordered my pilots to remain grounded for the same reasons: No spotter, and they might get shot down or crash. One idiot, however, decided to take off anyways and got himself blown up. That was one of two critical assets down. Eventually, the UAV came up, and I ordered the second pilot to take off.

Everything goes wrong:

The UAV showed about 8 armored vehicles in central village, and I realized my guys were going to die a long a horrible death. They had, by this point, reduced morale in my team to that the squad leaders were resigning their positions. At this point, they discovered the squad bug had occurred mid-game and we were stuck at five squads. There were less than 32 players on my team, and no AT kits were available. The logistics squad had decided they had enough of being blown up as infantry, so they hopped into two tanks and got themselves blown up in that instead. The enemy, however, had no AA of any sort and no jets in the air. And we had one jet. That would change the game and make all the difference, or so I hoped. I lazed my first tank, and the jet swooped in, as I watched through the UAV, and did a vBF2-style dive bomb and got himself blown up.

At this point, I stared at my screen hopelessly. We had no more tanks. We have no AT. We have no gunships. We have no jets. We have a squad bug.

And they have 8 tanks. I left the game.

Maybe things would've been different if I ordered my logi squad to build the FOB on the Western flank, where they would have forest cover and a height cover. However, my infantry squad reported fire from the Western flank so I avoided it. Maybe if there was a trained pilot in that jet, those eight tanks and the undefended FOB would have been destroyed and we would have taken central. But those two things, like a mistake in a chess game where the enemy has dozens of bishops and rooks and I have pawns that can't attack, and my single queen decides to commit suicide, made it over before it began. And sadly, we have about seven hundred tickets left.

I lazed the tank

2010-11-02, 02:35
Don't worry... it was all the squad bug's fault XD

About the AT, though, you know germans (and russians in Silent Eagle) cannot request AT kits, right? Apparently, they made people crash... Those were some, well, cozy AT launchers. What can I say.