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2010-10-28, 05:27
Greetings gentlemen,

the following guide, is designed to help develop those who are stepping into leadership for the first time, and wish to become effective leaders.

One of the most effective and devastating tools a small unit leader has on the battlefield is fire support. Fire support, when utilized correctly can save the lives of your soldiers, and can enable you and your element to suppress, fix and destroy the enemy.

The following is a quick "cheat sheet" format that I have used in the past, and I pass down to people to help them learn.

In lamens terms, calling for mortars in game can be pretty idiot proof, because all you have to do is use the map marker but sometimes an alternative method is more effective.

1. announce the warning order
2. Target Location
3. Type of Round
4. Target description
5. Fire for effect, immediate suppression, Drop 100m, etc.

Here are some definitions for line 5:

Fire for effect: 1st 3 rounds are on target, go ahead and fire 5 more rounds

Immediate suppression: Requesting unit is under fire, and needs the enemy in the target area to be suppressed, or is initiating fires on the enemy. This mission is usually followed by a "danger close" warning to the mortar team, only if your element is in range of being hit by friendly mortars.

Now if the mortars do not land on target, here is a quick tool to help they guys in the mortar pit adjust their fire.


DROP 100m this tells the mortar team to drop the elevation angle of their tube, so the over shot mortars will now land on the target.

you can also say SHIFT RIGHT, SHIFT LEFT, ADD, etc.

the most important thing you can do to help communicate what you need to the mortar team is to be clear and concise of what you need, where the target is, and what the target is.

There are other countless ways to call for fire, the techniques are endless. this method has worked very very well for me in game, and is user friendly, and simple to understand It has saved my Squad's Ass in a number of occasions

Type the following:

"FIRE MISSION, A9Kp7, HIGH EXPLOSIVE, 2 vehicles, 10+ enemy fighters, immediate suppression"

mortars pop,

1st round lands on target, 2nd round lands on target, 3rd round lands on target.

now you can request a fire for effect mission. Doing so will ensure that all enemy on the objective are suppress, fixed or destroyed.

Make sure to follow up with a situation report:


"MORTAR TEAM, Rounds on Target, cease fire, target destroyed, friendlies moving into target area."

Finally, make sure that you keep eyes on the target at all times, watch where the rounds, land and stuff they blow up. wait 15 seconds or so, to make sure that the mortar team isnt firing any more rounds, then continue mission..

I Hope this helps some of you who are just getting into the science of leadership, hopefully you can put it into practice when you really need it, until then it serves as another tool to keep in your kit bag.

2011-03-01, 09:26
Great Guide

2011-03-01, 09:49
Good guide indeed. What is your advice if the mortar team is busy with another firemission tho?

2011-03-01, 21:24
Great guide, quite helpful !