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2010-09-23, 23:27
Today was a big day for the conflict against the FARC since early this morning, Operation Sodoma took place in order to eliminate frontman "Mono Jojoi". the video is in spanish but you can see the footage of some random clips of jungle combat against the FARC. summary of the video is the operation involved UH-60 transported troops deep in the amazon forest where a hideout was hinted by local police. the aircrafts recieved light arms fire. with the support of modified attack blackhawks, AH-60 and Brazilian manufactured Super Tucanos, the FARC camp was heavily bombed resulting in the death of 27 rebels including 'El Mono Jojoi'

OperaciĆ³n 'Sodoma': Victoria sobre las Farc Citytv.com.co (http://www.citytv.com.co/videos/268808)

2010-09-23, 23:56
Wow, very interesting!

2010-10-01, 16:39
that is interesting .... too bad i dont know spanish :( or i would understand why there fighting . . .. . it it turns into an on going issue then that would be a good cantidate for a map idea / operation mission (Operation Sodoma)

2010-10-01, 17:56
Well done for the Colombian army :)

To bad they didnt catch her:


She is a Dutch national who works for the FARC.

She escaped together with the new boss of the FARC.