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2010-09-13, 20:00

Hello again!

Today, the Admin team is proud to present you how the teams will be working through the forthcoming campaign.


Supreme Commander Orthas and Commander Bonsai have decided to completely merge the two CATA teams, in an effort to build a stronger alliance between the two, and capitalize on all of NATO's weaknesses! Fighting side by side with potentially a different squad each battle lets you meet lots of new people, and make great new friends, whilst having a great time! We wish them the very best with their new system.


Supreme Commander P*Funk and Commander AgentMongoose have decided to go back to the roots of the NATO alliance, and have decided on two teams. Most elite troops have been summoned: 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines and Bundeswehr Detachment. Each team with it's own slightly different style and character, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Although they are two separate teams, the NATO alliance could not be stronger, and again we wish NATO the very best this campaign.

Stay tuned for further updates... It's getting closer!

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