View Full Version : Mapping Stamp'n'Allign (Video)

2010-09-09, 10:21
this is the first video for the stamp'n'allign tool
i will create more videos using different Buildings and different methods
have fun:

greetz @ndy

2010-09-09, 11:30
WOOT WOOT ANDY thanks so much :D

2010-09-09, 14:28
Brilliant Video. I didn't know about those capabilities in the editor.

Nice Bird noises too. Very Bob Ross.

2010-09-12, 23:46
very nice. Magical:D

Didnt know the editor was good, i knew it crashed alot:P

But this is magic!

2013-01-06, 13:59
Would be nice to know where you started, what kind of objects you placed,where you found them etc etc...

2013-01-06, 14:19
these are the PR afghan statics.
objects\staticobjects\pr\afghan and afghannorth.

Although it is inadvisable to use these statics as it is announced that these will be faced out when we get new statics that [R-DEV]Rhino has been working on.

But you can still use them of course. This is video is an explanation how the stamp 'n' align tool works, it doesn't only work with these statics, it works with all sorts of statics.