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2010-09-02, 09:08
Hello all

I was just wondering if any of the many speed boosting products were worth trying out? I'm with aol and at the moment and I get close to 4mb speed on a morning but it can be less than 2mb at night--obviously, when I want to play pr. I've been with aol for ages and up until now I've been happy with the service so I'd only change if it seemed daft not to. All advice welcome.



2010-09-02, 09:49
you get 2 MB!!!!!!! omg thats awesome! compared to mine.

and i don't think you can increase your internet speed with any programs.

2010-09-02, 09:52
Nothing AOL can do i don't think, if your speed is dropping at night it sounds like your local area just has a lot of internet usage at night. Anyway, 2mbps is MORE than enough to play online... hell you can play online with 64kbps :\

2010-09-02, 10:17
Thanks for the responses. The reason I was looking into it was because my ping is usually slightly more than double that of most other players. For example, on a server with player ping in the 40-60 range mine would be about 140. I thought my connection must have been the problem but maybe not.



2010-09-02, 10:21
Ping =/= Internet Speed.

High ping can be associated with a low quality connection to the server but I'll leave the tech guru's to comment on that :) Try contacting AOL about your ping and speed issues though, you never know