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2010-08-31, 15:50
As of 5 minutes ago I finally finished another map setup for PRSP and sent it into the oven where it will bake at 50% CPU usage over the next few days. :goodvibes

The setup was painstaking and I forgot when I last shut down my PC, a bunch of tests, making dummy statics to replace troubled objects and imports and crashing went on literally 24/7 the past week and I'm glad it's over, though I may be speaking too soon. I find anything that I work on likes to prove me wrong at least once during production.:tired:

This latest adventure and the fact I've been bumped to developer earlier this month (and also the fact that I don't have my own dev blog yet made me fell inadequate) got me slightly nostalgic, so I went back and found this from July last year.


Yeah, that's my first SP supported map, Battle for Qinling.
That same layout is still in PR a year later which sounds cute, but I'd like to ruin the moment by telling you all that a full-sized SP support for the map was made and existed, but shipped itself with a load of issues that I had no experience with at the time and therefore it was never finished.

However not too long after that the 0.9 development cycle brought in new maps to deflower and I built up loads of experience with them and I laugh at myself now when I read the old Qinling development thread and see all the issues that frustrated me to no end, but can now solve them for laughs before moving onto more serious stuff. 8-)

I'll leave with this screenshot of my work folder, I deleted maybe only one or two map directories ever since I started and a nice little family of 19 maps I created or finished off for someone else gathered there, though I must add in that almost all PR maps were done at least twice, as I said at start; anything that I work on likes to prove me wrong at least once during production.


P.S. One of these is the one I'm working on right now, whoever guesses it gets a cookie. ;)

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