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2006-08-03, 06:31
Hello, and welcome to what I hope to be the first of many interviews with a few of the developers of Project Reality. Today, I am speaking to Rhino, one of the mappers for Project Reality. Throughout the interview, you'll be able to see new pictures for Rhino's new map - Operation Ghost Train.

Note: All the images below are Works in Progress and as such do not represent the final version of the map. Also bear in mind very few objects have their lightmaps rendered at the time of writing.

Fullforce: Hello!
Rhino: hey!

So Rhino, before we start, tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, My name is Edmund Fovargue, aka "Rhino" as known on the net. I live in the South West of the UK; I’m 18yrs old and have been gaming for about 3 years online now.

So how long have you been with the PR Team?
Well, at first I had no plans to join the PR team at all, since I was already mapping for the Terranova Sci-Fi Mod (http://www.tnmod.com) and been doing that as a little hobby as I know the leader and some of the other Devs of that mod from my clan. But then I got into PRMM, although the first time I played it I did really hate it, but then after you play it for a bit, you find out why it’s better.

Then, after playing v0.2 for some time, and I never saw the Little Bird hardly on any map, as it never fitted in to maps like Gulf of Oman very well. My brain started going and then it hit me that a map, made for the Little Birds, is what PRMM really needs! So then doing a little hunting on the net, I found some nice photos of a place called Muttrah city. I started to make this in my own time and really got into it, when it got to a stage where I had the basics of the map set out, I posted screens on the PR forums and the community and the Devs loved it.

I kept on producing more and more screen shots every few days and by the end when I got around about 3/4 of the way though the map, As I had some time to spare, and was really loving mapping for PR, I decided to put in an application for Dev, and here I am now!

As for generally mapping, I'm still making maps for Terranova, and I split my time between PR and TN.

<center>http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/1165/opghosttrain1pb9.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/1165/opghosttrain1pb9.jpg) http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/2712/opghosttrain2uh0.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/2712/opghosttrain2uh0.jpg)
In this shot you can see the Train Bridge and one of the bunkers. The bridge is the quickest and most direct route to the other side, but its hard to drive over and also has little cover so expect to be gunned down if crossing it! You can also see the new Train Tunnel with the train hiding inside. The area is perfect for ambushes!</center>

I know what you mean about not liking the mod - personally, I wasn't a fan of the previous versions of PR. I played again when v0.25 came out and have loved it since. But, let’s talk about Muttrah. What do you think makes it, as you say, one of the best maps for PR. Did you have to consider things that could have impaired the game play, such as vehicles?

Well you see, normal vBF2 does not have any situations where you can do insertions with choppers, though they do have Black Hawks etc, but these are never used for the right purpose. So, with the Little Bird with PRMM v0.2, it was a brilliant opportunity to make a map where it was all about chopper insertions.

Then putting it into an urban style map, with large view distances etc. just makes some very nice combat. The map has had some balancing issues and had to have a hell of a lot of testing go into it as it’s not the every day, equal type forces facing each other map. Like you have on maps like Daqing Oilfields etc. This map has forces that are very different.

MEC have control of most of the city to start with, which gives them a big advantage at the start. USMC has the choppers, but it has no land to start with, so a lot of teamwork is required to play this map and the main thing that makes PRMM great is the teamwork. without teamwork the USMC will lose on Muttrah as you will get some guys just running off with the Little Birds with only them inside for example, and 1 man can’t face all the MEC forces.

If USMC use the Little Birds right, then they can fly and insert troops right into the battle, in the right places, to flank, defend and attack flags. MEC can also shoot down the choppers with some skilled Anti-Tank shots which will take down a Blackhawk in one hit. With this new type of game play, people just love it! It brings a different edge to PRMM which vBF2 was missing.

http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/3412/opghosttrain5mi9.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/3412/opghosttrain5mi9.jpg) http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/9840/opghosttrain13nm8.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/9840/opghosttrain13nm8.jpg)
A little farm on the edge of the railway which British forces have occupied as their HQ and a crashed zero stuck on a rock from WW2 when Japan invaded China.</center>

Yeah, it really is. One of the best games I’ve seen had to be the Project Reality Tournament Campaign 2 first match, which was on Muttrah. It was truly something amazing, just a shame I didn't get a chance to play!

So, why don't we have a talk about Operation: Ghost Train, your new map for 0.4?
Well Operation Ghost Train is really just a jungle map, with a train line running though the middle of it which Chinese and British forces are fighting over.

There is going to be lots of new types of statics in this map such as the train bridge and tunnel which is the first tunnel in BF2 to my knowledge.

The map is going to be largely about concealment. There is a lot of grass, a lot of trees, and short view distance with lots of fog, is going to make it an interesting battle the map also has lots of easter eggs but I will let you guys find them out for yourselves.

Matt.B, Wybl and a bunch of other Project Reality Devs have put in tonnes of work to get these statics up to the very high standard that they are now. I would like to thank them all for their work!

I can’t give away to much information to you guys about it, I want to keep lots under wraps for its release!

<CENTER>http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/3874/opghosttrain15gb1.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/3874/opghosttrain15gb1.jpg) http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/5505/opghosttrain14yr1.th.jpg (http://img416.imageshack.us/img416/5505/opghosttrain14yr1.jpg)
A PLA Communications Trench and a small boat house on the banks of the river.</CENTER>

So any news on your next project? I hear it’s an armour map?
Yes I'm pretty sure my next map is going to be a armor battle, going to get away from my 2, primarily infantry battle type maps (Muttrah and Ghost Train) and go onto a armor battle which is also something PRMM is lacking at the moment. I do not know thou when it will be done for, it might only be ready for v1 but with any luck, I will have one for v0.4 I already have a place and a concept for my armor battle but I'm not going to talk about that since it can easily change before I start work, and even afterwards.

Excellent to hear. What other maps do you like in PR currently?
Jabal is also a nice map, Its nice as it gives some really long distance battle between flags which to do well, needs teamwork. Steel thunder has to be my next one down the line, always liked that map since it came out.

Well, I think that about wraps it up. Thank you very much for your time Rhino, any last comments?
Make sure you try out v0.31 of PRMM, give it a shot if you haven't played PRMM before, or you didn’t like it the first time... stick it out through the learning curve, it's very different from BF2... you may come to love it! With some v0.31 experience under your belt, when v0.4 of PRMM comes out you will have a good idea of the kind of teamwork and tactical play style the mod requires.

Definitely. Well, thanks again to Rhino!
Hope you enjoyed reading this! Look out for more interviews in the near future.

Having played Operation Ghost Train in the beta testing for 0.4, I can say its shaping up to be a really lovely map. The bridge and the tunnel are lovely.

2006-08-03, 06:38
Good interview; beautiful screens.

2006-08-03, 08:23
great job, the map looks great, keep up the good work rhino( muttrah city is an awesome map:))

2006-08-03, 09:00
:thumbsup: A map with stories - broken plane, a warm climate, Rainforrest. And a rusty old diesel engine train. I like the look of it.

I wonder if their is any mosquitos on that map? errk*

2006-08-03, 09:03
Omg, I wanna play Ghost Train sooooo bad!!

Nice interview!

2006-08-03, 09:21
Rhino is so handsome in his interview.

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Argh! Again, please fix the bb code that's got into the front page version!

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Rhino is so handsome in his interview.
yeahhh it seems like his parents was listening the interview....lol


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e-Gor']Argh! Again, please fix the bb code that's got into the front page version!

think it should be fixed now .. ty .. had it all in HTML then did an edit in BB and it went fubar =/

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Rhino is so handsome in his interview.

lol :mrgreen:

cheers egg for posting it up :)

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err what to post..

Ah yes..

Congrats mate

2006-08-03, 17:10
Having played Operation Ghost Train in the beta testing for 0.4, I can say its shaping up to be a really lovely map. The bridge and the tunnel are lovely.

Well everything's shaping up to look lovely!

Good interview can't wait to play the map look imense!

2006-08-03, 19:49
Wasnt even worth five bucks.. pfft! WTG rhino! lol

2006-08-04, 03:31
Great interview by Fullforce!!!

Awsome map Rhino!!!


2006-08-04, 06:31
I will be part of the crowd and just say good job. I cant make it any more meaningful.

Your a great mapper, just keep your quality above the bar.

2006-08-04, 07:31
Slick, your templates look really nice :)

2006-08-04, 10:46
six7']Slick, your templates look really nice :)

Oh what's this??? A 2d artists gettin' some luv??? That's unheard of! :-D

lol....thanks bro! ;)


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Quick Fullforce take back your comments :-D

2006-08-04, 22:15
All this thread did was make the wait for 0.4 seem even longer :mrgreen:

Keep up the good work!

2006-08-04, 23:20
Good interview.

I can't wait for the Tank maps!:mrgreen:

2006-08-05, 00:29
I can't wait for the Tank maps!:mrgreen:

I dout you will see any tanks in this map, they just would struggal to get anywhere.

2006-08-06, 21:24
He means in general, Rhino.

2006-08-11, 19:54
Glad to see it got out, unfortunately I had to leave for wales half-way through trying to get it released!

Glad you guys liked it.