View Full Version : The best things in life are free... by [R-DEV]Masaq

2010-08-14, 00:20
...such as receiving the acknowledgement of your hard work and effort by your peers. Cheesy? Maybe, but it's true for most of us on the team.

Which is why I'm happy on days like today, when the development team and management decide to make a raft of what we term 'bumps' from one area of the team to another.

Although the PR team generally operate without too much of an hierarchy there is one in place when it comes to the mod's overall direction and in the decision-making process. There's also the difference in how the various roles on the team are perceived by the community, of course. Both of these mean that whilst R-CON and R-COM members of the team are just as important as Developers to the long-term success of the team, there's usually a great deal of pride for people who receive the recognition of wearing Developer's tags.

So with that in mind, I'd like to congratulate the following Contributors on being made full Developers of Project Reality: Battlefield 2:

Sniperdog, for his amazing coding work.

Hauteclocque, for his work on importing. (He also heads up the French Community faction).

Rudd, for both the work he's done on his own map but also for editing/auditing all maps for the next release of PR:BF2.

and finally Outlawz, for his longstanding efforts with the PR_SP team and in his mapping.

I hope you'll join me in thanking them for their effort and congratulating them for the recognition of their work.



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