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2010-07-27, 20:49
just a little survey.

what do you think is

a: the worst sounding vehicle the english forces use now ingame


b: the overall worst sounding vehicle ingame now

ill count your nominations for a little overview for me.. ;)

pls only post your vehicles of choice and keep discussions to a minimum.
posts without a nomination might be deleted without warning. thnx for your understanding. :)

2010-07-27, 20:55
A: Scimitar engine sound at high RPMs
B: Coaxial MG firing sound on vehicles, both 1p and 3p

2010-07-27, 21:04
Warrior, sounds nothing like that in real life.

2010-07-27, 21:09
A: Challenger 2, I just don't like its sound, no idea if it's realistic or not
B: BTR-60 since it has got the same engine sound as the LAV-25 since .9.

2010-07-27, 21:13
DankE_SPB;1400017']...Coaxial MG firing sound...

forgot to mention, pls engine noises only. thnx :)

2010-07-27, 21:13
a - warrior

b - the UAZ/gwagon (they are the same I think) sounds like a very fast horse drawn cart ;P

2010-07-27, 21:22
A - Warrior

B - G-Wagon

2010-07-27, 21:57
a. Landrover

b. Landrover

2010-07-27, 22:35
My issue it's not with a bad sound, it's just that the VN3 has the same sound as the Humvee and that can cause a lot of confusion when you think the enemy is approaching you and it's a friendly vehicle.

Also the M113 is way too loud in comparison with other vehicles.

2010-07-28, 00:23
Landrover just sounds weird to me. I assume it isn't the right sound either since UK Force doesn't like it either.

2010-07-28, 00:57
UK_Force;1400083']a. Landrover

b. Landrover

It sounds so pissweak and fragile.

2010-07-28, 21:47
For the brits I'd have to agree with most people and say the Landie sounds are somewhat shabby. Although the worst sound is by far the m113, having actually had a chance to roll around in one I have to say the track sounds are too much.

2010-07-28, 21:53
The bradley, it sounds like a trash can tbh, you can hear it half way across kashan its just ridiculous.
OFF TOPIC the t-72 is probably the best sounding vehicle, the thing sounds like a ferrari or something, the engine sound is just too smooth and there is no sound for the tracks (unrealistic)

2010-07-28, 23:50
vodnik... :) and brdms.

2010-07-29, 00:48
Landrover and the boat.

2010-07-29, 02:36
i feel the British land rover sounds horrible, like a 125 motor bike engine. it should be a meaty grunt

2010-07-29, 03:25
Jets, they need to be louder xD

2010-07-29, 04:17
A. The gunner's position on a Challenger 2, I hate that every time the gun stops moving it makes this big power down sound, so freakin annoying when you have to move it a little and a little every time....I'm not sure if that's realistic or if it's not realistic but still annoying

B..... hmmmm.....I might say the VN-3 because it sounds exactly like a hmmve... other than that maybe the Landrovers

2010-07-29, 07:17
A) Landrover

B) Landrover, insurgent unarmed cars, technicals

2010-07-29, 07:26
A. Landrover
B. Landrover

Pursketuli [FIN]
2010-08-04, 18:07
1. All british tracked APC:s. Both Scimitar and Warrior. Their engines sounds like 50cc moped engine.

2. BMP-3. I think it uses same old sound pack made by DICE.

2010-08-05, 15:04
a: Landrover

dbzao;1400103']My issue it's not with a bad sound, it's just that the VN3 has the same sound as the Humvee and that can cause a lot of confusion when you think the enemy is approaching you and it's a friendly vehicle.

this is really confusing.

2010-08-05, 21:11
Jep Landrover... The clattering sound it makes while normal driving and especially when you let go of the gas just does not sound right to me.

2010-08-11, 17:54
In the gunner seat of the challenger, the horrible sound the turret makes when it moves - even a little. the sound is just so long and repetative.

2010-08-14, 18:22
A; Warrior
B; Gwagon and MEC jeep

2010-09-01, 13:15
a) Scimitar
b) Landie

2010-09-01, 15:08
insuregents truck (not the big red)

2010-09-01, 16:44
A: Challenger (Noise is too loud so you can hear it on Fools Road from Train Station when it leaves the Brit Main Base)
B: M113 (Nothing is worse than this)

2010-09-02, 09:01

and as for the suspension...

2010-09-02, 13:29
1. UAZ

2. G wagon

I'm the unproud owner of a land Rover and the in game sounds are realistic, its only a little 2500cc turbo diesel!

2010-09-02, 18:06
Agree with the point on the challenger sound, you can hear that thing from miles away, it's a little detrimental to gameplay imo.

2010-09-02, 22:11
A: Definitely the Challenger turret sound

B: M113, It is so loud I have difficulty communicating with my squad mates when driving/gunning

2010-09-02, 23:02
I find it really ironic that the loudest vehicle in the game it seems is the little M133 which is also the smallest armored vehicle in the game haha.

As for issues with vehicle noises, the challenger is also way to loud at any given time you can hear it 500M+ and the turret noise for the gunner is just distracting.

Bradley is also way to loud as someone said earlier you can hear it on Kashan for long distances lol.

2010-09-04, 08:20
A: Landrover, just hate the sound.

B:dirtbike, its not thath bad but its MOTORBIKE and the engine sound should be more badass.