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2010-07-17, 20:50
I might as well start this Blog thing that seems so popular, if anything to let the community know what small part I play within the PR Team.

A little about myself first, I joined the British Army in 1988 as a Junior Soldier and started my chosen trade as a Vehicle Specialist (VS) in 1990. 'So what does a VS do?' you ask, my job is supply the rest of the British Armed Forces with vehicles, from motorcycles to main battle tanks. This puts me in a unique position for the PR team as I have access to the latest vehicles being used and some future ones being trialled.

I've been into gaming for many years, the first PC I ever touched was a ZX Spectrum, many happy and frustrating hours banging on the keyboard to make a square move!!! I then moved onto the Oric-1, now that machine was an epic fail. I did a few maps for Delta Force Blackhawk Down then bought BF2 when it first came out. I discovered PR after many bleary nights of getting owned by spotty teenagers and found some where to actually play with some feeling of normality. I volunteered to start testing PRSP back around 0.5 and stayed with that until 0.9 came out. Real life kicked in big style and I had to reluctantly retire from the team.

Within the PR Team I act as a Military Advisor, specifically for British vehicles, and provide references and photo's for the rest of the team to work with. The modellers and skinners can then use these to create accurate vehicles for the game. The coders can also use any information to ensure the vehicle handles and acts as it should.

It also gives me the chance to keep the community up to date on the latest vehicles being used by Britain and answer any questions, bearing in mind OPSEC, that people have.

Recently promoted to [R-DEV] has dragged me back refreshed and ready for a new challenge. I'm just happy that I can give something back to the community, even in a small part, to make PR the most realistic game.

See you on the field.

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