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2010-07-05, 10:34
Hello everyone,

I'll be making this thread so myself and the community may add tactics and strategies on what to do if you're an insurgent.

We all know that most of the time, an insurgent will grab an IED, drop it under his feet and.. You know what happens next. Moving on.

Creating a squad of infantry and getting 6 guys is easy. Although forcing your members to act just like they would act on a bluefor faction - is hard.

Let's assume your squad is devoted to act maturely for this one round and dedicate their skills to your disposal as a SL. Next move is, think of : "What should I use my squad for?"

1) Probably the most common scenario is a "Demolition squad", Basicly, every member of the squad grabs something with explosives and locks down an area, which later turns out to be a low traffic area, therefore you'll bore to death and have no interest to continue playing. To make this work, it's best to have a 2 man squad. You, with explosives, and another guy with a colaborator kit - to heal you up, incase you get wounded. This way, you'll avoid needless attention which would be attracted by more members in the squad.

2) Again, a very popular thing to do. A civilian car with several RPG's on the roof. A "insurgent tow vehicle" - as most tend to call it. This tactics success usually rely on the person who's driving. 'cause it's his decision whether or not you should drive into an APC and attempt to take it down. Considering that you could die and loose many valuable kits to the team or go ahead and try your luck, perhaps you'll get lucky and atleast track it. You never know!

3) Fake a cache. My personal favourite. Grab a tad load of special kits and garrison yourself inside a building. Preferably the tallest one in the current map. Even though it might sometimes not work, but theres always someone who will try and smoke you out. Which usually ends in dissaster for the poor fellas.
Don't give up yet! Even if people aren't coming inside your building to tremble in fear to the almighty claymore and or IED power. You will be able to pick off alot of enemies from a distance. And if they fire back - consider yourself lucky - they're wasting time on you!
Strongly advised to do this with a HAT kit on the roof aswell as a supply techy on the ground floor. Continous RPG fire will force your enemies to believe that there indeed is a cache.

4) Dedicate your squad to deploy temporaly "Blockades". 2 .50cal techies with one medic aswell as 2 or more LAT kits and you're good to go. LAT's will provide minor support against any armour and techies will just tare apart through any helo. It's essential to be on the move. Use your civies grapple to spread your LAT's on several roof tops. Aproximately 5-10 minutes at a single location and you must move to another one. Why? Well, people either: a) Noticed you there and are going to overwhelm you with a very organised attack. b) You're in a bad spot and no-one is even thinking of passing you.

5) Didn't quite figure out where I should stick this part so I made a 5th section.
Quick and effective area denial. Any number of people with sapper kits, if you've 5 or more people - might aswell get one civi. Hop into one of the civi cars and move out. Deploy a minefield in every key entry points of the insurgents city. e.g bridges, land bridges and so on. Although avoid being late. Every second counts and if you're too late - those APC's won't spare your lives. Even if you've a sexy civi driving!

These small steps will ( hopefully ) help you improve your tactical experience as a insurgent!

Be sure to add your thoughts about this and point out both grammar and strategy errors.

Share your tactics with the community aswell!

2010-07-05, 10:47
they just need some blufor weapons, then they can play like them. lame.

2010-07-05, 10:53
What are you reffering to as "lame" ?

they just need some blufor weapons, then they can play like them
So you're saying that it's like a power up gained in the game? Which affects the person in real life and not the IG character? Right?

"Yay! An IDF CTAR, now I can stop sucking and do something usefu-.. *transforms* LETS DO DIS!"

2010-07-05, 11:11
"Yay! An IDF CTAR, now I can stop sucking and do something usefu-.. *transforms* LETS DO DIS!"

Very true, when i get a blufor kit (especialy if it is scoped) i tend to be alot more careful with my life than if i have an iron sight AK or somthing similar 8-)

2010-07-05, 11:27
nah its just the same long range against long range.

2010-07-06, 18:57
Mines on INS team = TK. People are just to rushed, or to hap-hazard, to check the map for mines. Even if you mark every single mine I can guarantee within 2 minutes of planting it a team-mate will find it for you. Last time a pal and I had camped a cache, setup ied/mines all over, and made sure to mark them. It ended up with a 40 minute long flame-fest in team chat, because with-out fail our team was setting off EVERY SINGLE mine.

Ins side is usually a test of patience for any sappers, sl, and just about anyone staying objective oriented. Wish there was a way to keep the BluFor squad unity, but it seems INS is a cowboys heaven.

2010-07-06, 20:03
i think a reason the insurgents go all renegade is map size, for example i see a lot more teamwork on a map like karbala as opposed to fallujah, the city in karbala is hard to get into if you have a competent squad mining the entrances and defending the alleys to deny the strykers/tank but on fallujah everything is so open and there are so many streets that a whole bunch of rambos each on their own street is more effective than a squad in patrolling the streets not to mention if the rambo dies there is a much shorter walk to get to where he was just defending

2010-07-06, 20:12
As an Insurgent I often make bigger ambush to take down their armor, when they're immobilzed by taking out their armor they can't take out caches fast, which allows you take out their infantry.

2010-07-06, 20:22
Only advice i can give when playing as Insurgent/Militia/Taliban/Hamas and such is a bit controversial but anyways...

Play with your heart, try to feel and act as an RL Rebel with haste and will and beliefs. Get into the story, works good. :D

2010-07-06, 20:35
You could also lock your squad on one enemy asset (Which is re spawning). For example the LBs at Karbala, they are alot of tickets worth, they have a maximum of 22 Tickets with pilot and spotter, that times an avarge of four LBs per round, 4x22=88 Tickets.

When you count that with the losses of infantry,humvees etc. you will reach the 200 fast.

2010-07-06, 20:45
Finally some suggestions pouring in! Keep it up guys!

Mining things up is Effective. Stay positive, remember? It's their own damn fault to drive into mines, their lack of common sense - not yours.

About "getting into the story" thing. It can work but its damn tricky. Take for example the ambush points inside the caves of Korengal Valley. You can hide there any time, just as a real rebel would. In real life, such situation is thought up by heart and not your brain.

What I can suggest is : Playing more campy. Walk slowly, don't sprint unless needed and so on.

2010-07-06, 21:07
Don't put nade traps near caches.

2010-07-06, 21:12
Read my bomb-car tactics and ambush guide to know how to improve your tactics, because if you can't do it good, it will not work at all.