View Full Version : project reality .91 help

2010-06-27, 07:12
is this the patch that has the knew helo and the portable bridge function cause i have downlaoded the patch but i cant find all that stuff.... i jus came back to pr after a long wait and now i dont know what s goin on

2010-06-27, 07:18
All that stuff is coming in the next update, you have the correct version.

2010-06-27, 20:14
ok soo i jus downloaded the whole new version again the .91 is this the same as the patch ... and what do you mean by the next update :confused::D

2010-06-27, 20:32
PR is in constant development with the DEVs releasing new patches with context and bug fixes, posts made in "PR Highlights" and "PR Dev Blogs" are features that are being worked on and will feature in future updates.

The new Helos and CSB's (along with alot of other stuff) will feature in future updates, you cannot access them currently.

2010-06-27, 22:06
alright thanks man