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2010-06-10, 19:50
Hey everyone,

In a effort to update our blogs more frequently, even if not PR related, here I go.

Real Life:
I've had to take a small break from PR due to a movie I'm working on called Priest. Been doing allot of vfx shots and running a crew. I should be done in the next few weeks which will allow me to continue with my PR duties and hopefully get back to the infamous Pirate map.

YouTube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhGALP0llQ4&hd=1)

PR updates
Yarrrr Pirates:
The pirate map is coming along. I've been running into alot of issues where after converting my cargo ship mesh from a Editable Poly to a Editable Mesh (which is the best way to export out to bf2) I keep getting vertices collapsible. And at the huge size of the ship, means that not until I get it in game to I realize is messed up.

I've had some of our testers run around to get a feel of it and I think it will be defiantly a new mix for PR. That along with asset rewards it should invoke fierce fighting over CP's

Korengal has been falling behind due to new rule sets in PR. After all its a damn small map, smaller then you think, infact with its mountains I would even go as far as saying its less then 1km. So besides fixing the glitched spawn points I will be entertaining the idea or adding new gameplay modes. I might build off the idea of the real world pull out of the US and relook at how the maps it played. Doesnt hurt to have other options for game modes.

New map project:
Very far off but involves a coast line, cliffs, green forests, and not a desert force. More on that later down the way.

Things to do when your waiting to render:
Just something that was shot outside my office while waiting for vfx to render. Editing is bad but its was done in a hour.
Vimeo Video (http://www.vimeo.com/12258815)

More... (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2104/b206-june-update.html)