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2010-05-29, 18:36
Nice neat tool I've just seen that bergerkiller is working on over on the BFeditor.org forums :)

Wip Hud Editor - Official BF Editor Forums (http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14137)

Hello everyone

Hereby I present the HUD editor WIP version.
In this version only Picture Nodes are supported, and:
- Multi node support
- Coloring, sizing, positioning, sizing and rotating
- Single node render enable\disable check boxes
- Loading HUD's Picturenodes
- Saving current scene Text Files, in bf2 HUD coding (program can read them)
- 800 x 600 screen resolution
- Background Support and reference cross (not yet overlay)
- .dds and .tga texture load support (thanks to FreeImage plug-in)

All GUI parts are almost finished.
One big notice: to make your own HUD's you do have to edit them manually.
With this I mean, placing the Nodes in splitnodes.

This WIP gives a clear picture of how it will look like (eventually).

Just unpack the 'HUD Editor' folder and place all your menu textures in "HUD Editor\Textures"

Download LPP Collection (Contains Hud Editor.exe) (http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18709)

Time for a status update:
- Added selection squares and its manipulating features
- Node copy, cut and paste feature (yay cut and paste nodes around)
- Node treeview selection
- Save and load feature
- "failed lines" report. Can come in handy for HUD compatibility testing
- Simulator scripts
- Background and overlay images
- Endless amount of nodes are supported!!! (I tested with 200 nodes, you can manipulate smoothly :P )

- Node support for:
- Split nodes
- Picture Nodes
- Compass Nodes
- Text Nodes
- Bar Nodes

- Load and save support will be/is added for:
- the above nodes
- Hover Node
- ObjectMarker Node
- List Node

The program is quite awesome, more advanced than my first posted pic.
here some screenshots: :D


It can not yet edit nodes like marker nodes because I have to write rendering scripts for (ALL) those nodes.
This takes long, especially if I need to render multiple targets at once.

Load and save will be added, so you can open and save HUD's without code loss.

A pointless node that shows when as example you are hovering stationary in a helicopter.
It's the "awesome" oval shaped picture that appears. :D


It's time for the first WIP.
Download HUD editor wip version 2 (http://www.filefront.com/16552185/HUD%20editor%20wip%202.zip)

I included the bf2 textures used, if you want to use it for bf2142 please add the textures of bf2142 in the "textures" folder. :P

2010-05-29, 18:37
Thanks for sharing it here Rhino :)

2010-05-29, 18:44
I know someone who will be happy to get this tool. :mrgreen:

2010-05-29, 18:52
Can you share that tool on megaupload.com please?

2010-05-29, 19:24
thats fantastic!

2010-05-30, 12:11
Really cool!

I think that will improve some really cool Hud's in the future! :)

2010-05-30, 12:44
Can you share that tool on megaupload.com please?

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18IFZ8M7)

2010-06-06, 14:40
Version 2 WIP is on the 2nd page.

Hm... This is gonna take some time to figure out (>.<)

2012-12-12, 22:20
It isn't on any of the sites anymore :(

2012-12-14, 08:14
Anyone still have this tool? am looking for it as well.

2013-01-03, 16:00
Updated download link in the op with this one: hudeditor.exe | Game Front (http://www.gamefront.com/files/20034282/hudeditor.exe)

2013-01-04, 10:38
link not working

2013-01-04, 11:35
working fine for me, downloaded it yesterday and checked just now and its still there.

2013-01-07, 20:51
Thanks for the upload! However, when I click it, it will not run. I have tried running as admin, and compatibility settings. Has anyone else had this problem?

2013-01-07, 20:54
It installs itself somewhere and leaves a shortcut on the desktop. Don't know if that runs though, but I think it does.

2013-01-08, 00:19
Thank you! Where can you find the HUD templates, such as the AH-64 in PR?

2014-05-27, 18:52
Both filefront links are down for me :(, can someone re-upload this tool plz?

2014-08-05, 21:59
Both filefront links are down for me :(, can someone re-upload this tool plz?

HUD Editor (http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/headhunter/files/HUD%20editor.zip)

unknown version

2017-10-11, 03:55
Has anyone figured out how to get the textures to show up on a 64 bit system? Im having a bear of a time trying to use this tool without being able to see what the hell im doing....

2017-10-11, 14:42
Do it manually those editors never worked for me....