View Full Version : Changelog Project Reality v0.91 Hotfix 2

2010-05-15, 00:44
We just released to the server admins a server-side only hotfix to fix some issues with the current release.

Here's the changelog:

- Added method to check regularly for Forward Outposts to delete bugged spawn points.
- Rally Points set near Forward Outposts will expire like normal.
- Death count should never go bellow zero.
- Attempt to make random selection of objectives a little more random.
- Added a little message 5 seconds before rounds ends so you know it's ending before the "connection problem" message.

The bugged Forward Outposts spawn points have stayed with us for too long, and hopefully it will not be an issue anymore. The RPs not expiring sometimes was another issue that got reported a lot since last release and it's now hopefully fixed.

Ask your server admins to get it patched up with the new hotfix as soon as possible.

2010-05-15, 00:46
Cool. I really appreaciate the ability to edit posts as well.

This'll do some good.

2010-05-15, 00:53
- Death count should never go bellow zero.

awwww..... :sad:

2010-05-15, 01:25
Thanks for the work Devs !

2010-05-15, 01:31
nice thanks! should be better, now all you have to do is fix those occasional FOBs that can be placed in certain spots and not be overrun >:( (I have one account but I don't want to say it over the forums at all and risk causing trouble in game so.., message me if you need to learn about it?)

2010-05-15, 02:48
Nice, Sounds Good. I never understood how someone could get -1 deaths...

2010-05-15, 03:03
Nice, Sounds Good. I never understood how someone could get -1 deaths...

Didn't Jesus do it that one time he was on?

2010-05-15, 04:51
LOL. Yeah. I did have someone with that in my squad when I was playing online. I was like 'Dude, are you Buddha or something?' 'What?' 'You have -1 deaths.' 'Oh. Whoa. Cool.'

2010-05-15, 05:28
Thank you DEVS :).

..by any chance does this also fix the US spawns on Korengal, or is that map specific ?.

Edit= Checked that ^ And its a no, but as its a map issue and not fixable with just a server side patch I was being overly optimistic ;)

2010-05-15, 07:05
You can get -deaths by telling your squad medic to teamkill you and revive you after.

2010-05-15, 08:28
thx, and nice work on the hotfix

2010-05-17, 23:24
how do you make something "more random"? haha

2010-05-17, 23:55
Cool, nice update