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2010-05-04, 13:09
Hawkei military vehicle production to generate 700 jobs (http://www.thalesgroup.com/Pages/PressRelease.aspx?id=10890)

While I'm sure anglomaani posted the news on this vehicle quite some time ago, I wasn't sure if it had been selected by the ADF as the Land Rover replacement. According to Thales it seems to be a pretty strong contender, is there any information on the other vehicles up for selection?

It would be a great vehicle to see in PR nonetheless :-P But I guess if nothing is official would this mean sticking to the current Landy?

2010-05-04, 15:22
great i like the idea :D

2010-05-05, 00:07
We'll have to wait and see what happens Ryza, the ADF has finalised an order for ~5000 heavily modified and armoured G-Wagons which should be starting delivery in the near future. Anglo will most likely know more about it though.

Though I do think that it would be rather cool to have all of our General Service vehicles IED proof and manufactured locally.

2010-05-05, 01:19
looks rugged like a vodnik?

2010-05-05, 10:00

potentially one of the most able weapons systems looking post 2014. it is a lightweight Protected Mobility Vehicle or L-PMV there are several variants already being tested. Troop Transport*, C4I-ISTAR, DFSWV, IFSWV, Ambulance, Protected supply vehicle(basically a big ute). but knowing the ADF it wont be long until this list is expanded upon, especially once the
sotg fitters get hold of them.

* this encompasses a wide variable of fit outs owing to the modular capabilities of the monocoque,

2010-05-07, 00:44
What kind of weapon systems are to be fitted on the Hawkei? Are there going to be any?

2010-05-07, 04:32
both manned and remote weapon stations are standard capabilities, the main turret ring is a common build unit with the Bushmaster IMV, so the potential is it could equip with any DFWS upto and including the sampson RWS with 40mm dual feed chain gun, though like the Busmaster we will more then likely only fit the 25mm gun or the new helfire II VMATS. However as this is all part of the 2014 FC brigade systems capability program, we will have to wait and see, however the currently confirmed operational weapons systems to date include, 5.56mm minimi, 7.62mm minimi, 7.62mm MAG58, 12.7mm M2 QCB HMG, 40mm AGL system all either manned or Remote station weapons systems. as well as the new javelin RWS attachment which is being trialled now with the Bushmaster.

there is also a proposal for the IFSWV 81mm/or its replacement 120mm mortar to be fited to this vehicle as an internal system, but it is currently likely to be the current externally fitted system.

2010-05-15, 05:57

That advertisement made me think they well selling on the civilian market, as if we need balistic protection down here in Melbourne....

Back on topic though, that Hawkei looks pretty mean.

2010-06-15, 08:54
currently the bushmaster is the only vehicle to fulfill the ADF specifications for the PH4 land 121 program.

some light reading.

2010-06-16, 13:18
Pics from the Eurosatory 2010.


2010-06-16, 21:45
beutiful keep em coming.

2010-06-17, 00:54
God I hope they get selected for the Land Rover replacement lol, they are such a fearsome looking vehicle :-P
Also, surely the ability to build and deploy locally designed vehicles is a huge advantage?

2010-06-17, 01:00
at this point i would say tonnie could reasonably go ahead with building it, as the 3 JTLV american contenders are currently unable to be operational under 7 tonnes, this means they cannot be transported by medium lift rotary wing assets, where as the hawkei is opertional in most of it's multible configureations and even transportable internally via CH-47d

2010-06-17, 01:04
Do you know the other contenders in the program? I mean, the advantages of locally built vehicles would put it even further up the shortlist you would think, you wouldn't have to worry about importing spare parts etc., replacements could be brought out with ease, upgrades etc also coming to the fleet of vehicles much quicker than if they were a foreign built vehicle.

Found the article to what you mentioned anglo, sure hope we get our bloody Hawkei :-P

2010-06-17, 04:53
Would produce quite a few jobs as well, win win.

2010-06-17, 11:29
dtacs, i believe it was worth 700 jobs in total as indicated by the Garnet report( i think thats right) and many millions to local SME's.

chief, funnily enough the hawkei and bushmaster share many common components, indeed the weapons systems and electronics are supposed to be essentially the same, except the hawkei has a greater capability to upgrade to next generation systems due to the flexible modular build.

2010-06-17, 12:31
anglo you can probably answer me this, does it have protection up to 7.62mm? Whats the window protection like, and in the upper back, is that just storage space?

2010-06-17, 12:58
that really depends on the variant and the armour modules fitted.

but the basic patrol vehicle as if it has just been dropped in by CH-47 can defeat 7.62 high velocity munitions (ie: GPMG) though 12.7mm would require the 1st set of armour modules, it is however able to crew survivable with upto 20lbs of HE detonated under the vehicle or up to a standard ( i think its 10lb?) antitank mine in its basic format.

the ballistic glass i have been told was made to sustain multiple high velocity rounds and is fully able to be upgraded with add on Armour systems.

the standard patrol vehicle (pictured) has internal storage space and the provision to add both externally mounted storage modules and the ability to tow a two tonne hallmark two wheel trailer.


there are currently six variants confirmed and several others on the way.

2010-07-08, 13:01
ok so we are down to the short list for phase 4.

the contenders include the hawkei, ocelot and eagle IV

Hawkei takes centre stage at Eurosatory (http://www.thalesgroup.com/Pages/PressRelease.aspx?id=12997)

Ocelot Light Tactical Vehicle & MRAP Armored Vehicle from Force Protection, Inc. (http://www.forceprotection.net/products/ocelot/)

MOWAG GmbH - Products > EAGLE IV 4x4 (http://www.mowag.ch/En/02E_Products/023E_EagleIV.htm)

i wonder if any of the other factions use these or intend to?
love to see a comparison?

mind you i cant see the Eagle being chosen for the simple fact, it has to shed protection just to get under the weight limit and it lack a few of the upgrade options the others have.

2010-07-09, 07:27
Hmm I hope the Hawkei wins... the other two look laaame. Going from the bushmaster to the hawkei will make the aus military so much cooler IMO :)

2010-07-09, 08:47
i have to wonder what Europeans or Americans think about that though?

2010-08-10, 03:15
latest update on the JLTV program

GTV Delivers RHO JLTV Technology Development Vehicles On Schedule - ASDNews (http://www.asdnews.com/news/29285/GTV_Delivers_RHO_JLTV_Technology_Development_Vehic les_On_Schedule.htm)

i don't have anything new on the hawkei as yet..

2010-09-30, 20:06
I have seen some major flaws with this vehicle, here is my improvement list.

- During an explosion (ie. IED,Mine ect) the blast is reflected away from the vehicle by using a rounded hull.
- Compromise approache and deproache angles by moving the wheels closer together to give better rollover angles. This also gives better protection to the wheels if you are raming into things.
- Round the body of the vehicle to give better reflection of small arms fire and less impact of explosions.
- Rather than use wishbone which has very limited suspension articulation, move to hydrolic rams. Not the most comfortable in the world, but it will allow the wheels to drop huge distances to get traction.
- Bigger tyres allow you to go over big objects, but wider tyres give you more grip and traction.
- A winch on the front is only useful only when you can get to it. A portable hand winch or rear mounted electronic winch is needed.
- The air vents for the engine on the bonnet will give of a massive heat signature to any opposing force. Air intakes should be moved to the top of the vehicle. This gives better air quality for the engine in convoy or dirty areas, also moves the heat signature to the top of the vehicle giving the enemy a harder target to hit.
- The bullbar on the front needs to be harden up. If your raming into walls, gates, houses wtih this vehicle on recon then you want something stronger than a bit of tubing.
- Lastly, fit some lockers and she will go anywhere!

I can find no videos of this vehicle offroad other than flat chat flat sand. Just my impression just far.

2010-10-01, 10:37

I'm not too worried.

2010-10-01, 10:38
Jeez anglomaani, you should have gone to Thales and fixed that stuff yourself mate! :-P

2010-10-01, 21:04
Just seen in the brochure this does not have offset differentials. The land rover does.
Having offset differentials allows the vehicle to not get hung up on things such as rocks by the diff.

2010-10-07, 05:55
^ I have still seen drivers manage to get stuck on the Diff;s of a Rover... The faster the Army can get rid of the old 110's the better we are going to be, the number of times I've seen people have near fatal accidents due to their poor handling, crappy steering, non existant brakes, and tendency to roll at the slightest hint of an incline...

2010-10-07, 08:33
while the hawkei is definitally on the list, there is no way of knowing if it will be chosen. i am hearing a lot about the ocelote, i might not like it but when has my opinion ever mattered. don't get me wrong they are all VERY good unit's but the scope i have seen built into the Hawkei is better then i have seen in the other models. point taken as i have seen far less of the other systems then i have the hawkei. so yeah i am biased.....

lets just wait and see for now. after all we still have the M113 replacement to tender yet.

2010-10-07, 22:10
C'mon Anglo those old Buckets are going to be in the system for atleast another 10 years! After all we just finished spending a small fortune on lengthening and uparmouring them all!

For what its worth mate, I also think we should get the Hawkei and as many other Thales vehicals as we can afford as, we know they work, we know they are almost indestructable, and for pretty much the first time ever the vendor is local which means that the money is atleast staying somewhat local.

2010-10-07, 23:00
if your talking about the rover's? i dont know, talk to digrar, he'd know more. but the G-wanks will be rolling throught soon. AFAIK

2010-10-08, 00:50
I was refering to the M113's

2010-10-08, 01:12
I was refering to the M113's
In what way were they uparmored? All I could see in the AS4's was the turret.


2010-10-08, 02:00
I don't know the specifics, all my information came from a bloke at my unit who worked on the project for a while. The only thing I can think of is that they have added stuff to the insides to make them stronger.

2010-10-08, 10:59
oh yeah, i get it sorry.....face palm!

well yeah the battle taxi's have been upgraded. i got a look at the new ones a while back.
VERY VERY NICE. most of the digs i got to talk to still think thier mobile coffins, but they did get a lot of attention. M113-AS4 APC variants protection from 14.5mm AP; internal spall liners, hull reinforcement mine protection, external fuel tanks. radar cross-section and infra-red signature reduction. new engine, transmission, drive train and driver?s controls. suspension, track and road wheels replaced (very quite they have heaps of rubber).

the .50 they have is different too, but i dont think we are allowed to talk about it are we?.

oh yeah full optics suite and satnav ect too..

2010-10-11, 08:05
That's because they still are mobile coffins. The 14.5 protection is only in some places, while the system still can't protect itself from enemy vehicles, and still has a flat (ie. iedable) hull.

I heard rumours about Pumas though, that's some exciting stuff.

2010-10-15, 09:16
no, it's def 14mm defence all round, thats one of the reasons the fuel is outside now and they needed the bigger engine.

it's all updated in the land 40 edition of ADM.

2010-10-18, 04:11
That's good to hear? I was told when doing some stuff with 5 that it was still going to be cheese for 7.62mm on the sides and back, and that the engine still had nothing but a layer of sheet metal between it and angry rounds.

2010-10-18, 09:37
it's the plasan armour package, they only fit them in certain combat environments. not for general use, due to the cost of the armour sets.

2010-10-18, 12:18
Been a while since I have posted here, Be kind

My inside sources tell me that the Landrover is being replaced by the:

The MWMIK known as the jackal. also used by britain and dutch military forces

Apparently they displayed it to the Government, They loved it and issued it as our new Patrol Order Vehicle

Apparently we get a variant

Source: Defender Magazine

Edit: Forgot, I might aswel slip this in
Whats the story with the ADF mod?, Last I saw/heard was the beta which was downright amazing
Is Tonnie on deployment?

2010-10-18, 20:47
Been a while since I have posted here, Be kind

My inside sources tell me that the Landrover is being replaced by the:

The MWMIK known as the jackal. also used by britain and dutch military forces

The standard Land Rover is being replaced by the BMW G-Wagon (See Page 8 (http://digital.realviewtechnologies.com/default.aspx?xml=defencenews_army.xml&iid=40864)) where the SAS patrol vehicle is now the Nary Patrol Vehicle, which is a slightly modified Supacat/Jackal. It's named after WO2 David Nary who died during training in the Middle East.

Here's a Nary I spotted last year while in Perth-


2010-11-27, 10:04
this is a polite request to the Dev's and the ADF comfac modelers....

"IF" say with in the next 6 months the hawkei is chosen as the JTLV ADF selection, what possible models will be required and in what context would they be utilized in the Mod.

remember i said if, and i have ABSOLUTELY no inside knowledge on the matter, it's pure conjecture.

Nathanual Nolan
2011-01-30, 05:54
Slouch2;1470681']The standard Land Rover is being replaced by the BMW G-Wagon (See Page 8 (http://digital.realviewtechnologies.com/default.aspx?xml=defencenews_army.xml&iid=40864)) where the SAS patrol vehicle is now the Nary Patrol Vehicle, which is a slightly modified Supacat/Jackal. It's named after WO2 David Nary who died during training in the Middle East.

Here's a Nary I spotted last year while in Perth-


Looks Familliar i saw that G-wagon well camo version and a few more in Holsworthy Base when i was going home from work one afternoon my CO said there the new trucks for 3 RAR and we might be gettin some aswell for our Arty Unit

2011-02-17, 01:49
Hello :)

Well thats a shame I made a Hawkei last year...not finished....and based on the old design.

(still RAW and very simple interior...plus textures were a test only)


The (AAF) Australian mod I was making this for collapsed sadly.

Made a Collin Class sub and all sorts...lol

2011-02-17, 02:20
I was under the impression that the Hawkei would fit a different role to the Land Rovers being replaced by the G-Wagon? Haven't heard anything at all about the Hawkei project being ditched.

2011-02-17, 04:56
I do hope they go with them. They really are an awesome looking vehicle.

2011-02-19, 01:28
hawkei is still definitely going ahead and has most definitely not been canceled., i know this as a fact, and to but some more steam up this too, several new proto-types and pre-production variants have also been completed. several more blast and penetration tests have also been completed. the plasan armour modules have worked beyond expectations.
this vehicle is still at the top of armies list of new accuisitions, only hurdle will be DMO stuffing it up yet again.

p.s: g-wagon, hawkei and bushmaster are all different families of vehicles intended to fulfill different roles.

2011-02-19, 19:12
haha i was just going to say that model looks WAY to good to be a BF2 object hahaha looks even better than PR AMRA2 object detail . . :P ahha

2011-02-20, 04:11
haha i was just going to say that model looks WAY to good to be a BF2 object hahaha looks even better than PR AMRA2 object detail . . :P ahha

yes well it will need some optimisation before its added into game :P

2011-02-20, 09:50
Just a question, can the Hawkai support an RWS system? Would be cool to have an open top version and an RWS version if they support them in R/L

2011-02-20, 10:01
as far as i know yes. Always can be wrong but from what i have heard yes

2011-02-20, 13:39
Right handed the model over to Tonnie...goodluck. :)

but if your willing to wait..maybe you can have my RWS and Battle eye that im making for the Mastiff 2..when im finished.

looking like these


2011-02-20, 22:05
Well we should find out which model RWS its fitted with usually. Then see ;) I'm really keen for an RWS Hawkei though tonnie haha doooooo it :D

2011-02-21, 02:05
optimising now done. Basicly hd to completely remodel all of it bar aw parts here and there... now to try baking onto low poly :P

EDIT: 6,000 Poly and 8,000 Tris

2011-02-21, 02:48
Are you going for an unarmed, armed, and RWS armed model?

2011-02-21, 02:48
see here
this is kinda old as the recon variant of the hawkei is completed as is the SAS LRPV2 variant.
the utility ambo and troop carrier (6men) are still pre-production, the hawkei L-PMV is basically ready for production but is waiting on certification on different elements.


both Samson Konesberg and EOS have RWS systems for this vehicle. the layout and structure of the vehicle means in theory it could potentially carry up to a 25mm gun. it can definitely (does) carry, a 12.7mm or 40mm AGL mounted on various RWS.

p.s. most patrol combat units will have a RWS as this was identified in 2009 white paper as essential. most of the support or recce elements will have a manned weapon. current ADF SOP's mean you are unlikely to ever have a PMV without a self defence option. note, these vehicle are intended for use by actively combative units. G-wagons are used in rear non-combat groups are area's.

2011-02-24, 00:13
If ya need Hi res Pics of the Battle eye I-STAR..I comped some together


(would be cool to have a command Hawkie with RWS and I-STAR)

2011-02-24, 04:41
it would be great if you could extend the mast so you can get eye's over on targets from a distance. especially with the uber zoom these things have. be nice to laze with them too.

just saw the press release on the thales web site. two hawkeis delivered for evaluation by defence. i guess this is the crunch time.

2011-12-16, 13:04
Green light for Hawkei (http://www.thalesgroup.com/Press_Releases/Countries/Australia/2011/20111212_-_Green_light_for_Hawkei/?pid=17517)

it's done. it's green lit.

to be in service 2016 or so.

2012-01-06, 09:12
Gunna miss hanging out the back of a rover, getting a mouth full of red dust.


2012-02-08, 11:32
so i just got a little birdie whisper in in my ear.

David stone (chief engineer) has confirmed there will be a civilian version of the hawkei to be built at a later date.

and here is a little vid that i saw a while back,.


2012-02-19, 07:09
What a champion vehicle. Glad it won the trials.

2012-02-26, 12:08
drawings for hawkei DFWS platform may or may not exist, when and if i see em, i'll postem.

2012-03-08, 04:23
What is DFWS?

2012-03-08, 04:59
DFSW (?) Direct Fire Support Weapon. A Hawkei with a Javelin mount or somesuch.

2012-03-09, 10:11
RWS Javelin? wouldn't that be class.
My guess would be RWS MAG 58 or 12.7mm and a cupola variant with the same weapon systems.

2012-03-09, 10:32
Isn't the standard platform going to have an RWS by default?

Nathanual Nolan
2012-03-21, 14:50
No Interchangeable by the looks of things

2012-03-30, 05:21
Still disappointed and upset that Hawkei won the trials. I'd operate the LPMV models we trialled with the yanks over the Hawkei any day.

2012-03-31, 10:04
why? fram everything i have seen and heard the Hawkei exceeds requirments and out performs all it's rivals from the american trials.

DFSW: possible platforms up to and including 30mm chain gun or javelin antitank system.

2012-04-14, 11:37
Everything I've heard is the opposite, and selecting Hawkei was a strategic decision because the US models wouldn't have produced any jobs in Australia.