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2010-04-19, 13:13
I've been researching this recently and it seems possible to get a ping between 100 and 200 with a real download speed of 700 - 1300Mbps.
In the UK it's called HSDPA.
My question is about bandwidth most companies offer you 1,3 or 5Gb per month contracts, but I've got no idea whatsoever of what bandwidth is used for lets say 1 hour of PR gaming.

Anyone got any idea, assume a full server?

2010-04-19, 14:11
Ping also differs with distance.

Say, since you are in france you could be getting a 50 ping compared to a server in southern USA getting 200.

And I'm happy I don't have a cap on my bandwidth usage per month.

2010-04-19, 14:48
Yes I get a 30 ping to a Paris server and 170 to TG. I have no limits on home bandwidth, my question is about mobile use, where most of the time you pay hard for any bandwidth over your contract of 1, 3 or 5GB per month.

2010-04-28, 23:20
Talk:Bandwidth Requirements - BF2 Technical Information Wiki (http://bf2tech.org/index.php/Talk:Bandwidth_Requirements)
60-80 kb/s

80kb/s * 60s/min * 60min/h * 1Mb/1024kb = 281.25 Mb/h
281.25 Mb/h * 1B/8b = 35.16 MB/h

Playing 1 hour on a full server would use up ~35MB.

35.16MB/h * 1GB/1024MB = 0,03433 GB/h

t = 1GB / (35.16MB/h * 1GB/1024MB) = 29,12h
Having a bandwidth limit of 1GB would enable you to play around 29h on a full server. (Not considering surfing or other traffic here.)

Note: no liability assumed for wrong calculations. Better check it yourself :P.

2010-12-10, 07:03
so 1GB about 30hours. perfect thank you sniping coward

2010-12-11, 00:44
After rechecking the link I see that some one posted a value of 11kb/s (dl) + 4kb/s (ul). Since this 1 GB usually takes both up and download speeds and taking this value as a basis you could even be getting:

80kb/s / 15kb/s = 5,33

29,12h * 5,33 = 155.3h

It appears that those 30h are more or less a minimum your should be getting. I guess you are best off checking what rates your client produces and then replace those values in the calculations above.

It would be cool if you could supply some decent values and maybe even confirm and tell us what you are gettting with your 1GB if you actually went for.