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2010-04-13, 04:11
I originally wrote these formations for armor, but they can be adapted for any squad of anything on the ground. I may add additional information for terrain and urban combat.

Formations can really help survivability as they incorporate line-of-sight rules, direct firepower to certain areas, and increase overall survivability by limited the tanks that can easily be engaged. Note that these are adapted for the 3-tank squad. Included are firing arcs.

General rules:

Always face the direction of the enemy: most armor is at the front of the tank.
Remain at the greatest distance possible. Why engage at 50 m when you could blast them from 800 m?

X: Tank
Arrows: Flank firepower
Vs': Frontal Firepower

<-- X -->
<-- X -->
<-- X -->
Good for manuevering through difficult narrow terrain, but no special advantages. Most firepower is directed to the flanks.

<--- X X X --->
Directs maximum firepower to front of group, but leaves flanks exposed so that only one tank can fire at a time on the sides. Best when assaulting any enemy from a distance.


Really the most adaptable formation there is. Use when traveling great distances to enable immediate response to all sides.

< X >
<X X>

Best when used spiking into enemy territory with freindly support at the rear. Firepower is good in a 270 degree amgle when close together, and 360 degrees when spaced out.

V formation:

Just the reverse of the wedge, the single tank is at the rear instead of the front.

The V is best used when you're trying to escape. The weakest tank should be at the rear.
Having two tanks at the front enables maximum firepower to be directed towards the enemy while escaping.

2010-04-13, 04:51
Great post. =)

Also, Rushing the enemy with many many tanks has shock value ;)

2010-12-12, 17:21
hey, nice!

2010-12-18, 07:32
Good points, the other drawback of a line is that it can lead to the domino effect if the first tank is destroyed or damaged. The ones behind it are going to pile and be vulnerable. I can't see how a line would be good at all since it really leaves you open to ambush. A line of armour in built up terrain such as amongst buildings is a nightmare- I don't know why players do that. You should never go into built up area with infantry around you- the problem then though is running your team mates over.

The big issue for armour is that in open terrain they are vulnerable to airstrikes and in built-up areas they are vulnerable to infantry with AT and they can't manouevre.

Good point about distance most players just charge at whoever is firing at them or wherever they see little black specks running around- ideally for armour that is what you DON'T want to be doing- so I definitely agree with you. Do you have any suggestions for where to set-up or what kind of features it is good to have around you such as making a defillade etc?