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2010-04-12, 05:05
Hi Everyone, my IGN is YuJiz, played PR since .85
Here are some few pointers that everyone should try considering, I will try to cover all the aspects of PR as much as I can, mostly on what I do most in PR.

Playing on Insurgency:

1. As obvious as it seems, check on your map on make a priority list. If you are playing as a regular insurgent, with no special kits, you should A. Defend the known Cache B. Defend a common entrance. Maintain good communication with your fellow squad members, Sever all entraces to the Cache.

If you have a Sapper Kit with an detonated explosive of any kind, try to organize a squad to lay down some minefields around common roads and alleys. Remember, doing it yourself takes long and PR is a teamwork game.

Snipers and Marksmen should be in a either very common area to spot enemy targets, or a very segregated area to pick off Blufor Targets.

Rpgs-on-foot should remain with the backbone of the Jihadists to provide anti-tank/personnel support.

2. If you have an organized squad, I suggest someday you try this. Get a civilian car nearby your location, have 2-3 squad members pickup Rpg kits at the Repair Station/Main, use this as a mobile anti-tank support. Maintain a good line of comm with other squads, have atleast 1 player in your squad to setup a scout post ahead. DO NOT go spearheading to places you have not confirmed.

Remember also to keep the vehicle pointed infront of your target, so your RPG nuke can shoot it easily, try to stop the vehicle momentarily also, it seems more dangerous when you do, but it provides a better result if you take a LAV down with 0 ticket loss. RPG kits are spawns infinitely at Main. Spam seat change after engagement or being fired to prevent casualties :).

Technicals is the other choice, all things that can be applied above will be applied here, except in some cases use Technicals as support fire near a cache, especially on Ramiel against LBs.

A combination of both Civi-Rpg with Techincals can be groovy also.

Oh yea, limit your # of RPGs per vehicle to 3, so that you do not lose as much per SAWRape. Nonetheless, move as a convoy and strike fast and hard, make the best shot-situation for your gunners, it's about what you can take out, not what you might lose.


1. Unlike AAS, Insurgency requires the Blufor squads to coordinate almost every maneuver as possible.
Infantry, as the backbone of the operation, should always try to strike the known cache, build FOBs at safe and accessible locations, move together, be more aggressive when needed, report RPG teams and Techies, and moreover, ask for IFV support accordingly.

one additional suggestion is that keep your squad specialist majority.

2. APCs should either be providing gun-fire support for the infantries while they search for caches, or should be scouting themselves at a Anti-RPG distance.

3. Tanks, with the new addition to M1A1's in the ballpark, Tanks should do all of #2 and more, Tanks can possibly destroy caches by leveling a building or incinerating it within. Remember to keep your distance from RPG's and try to stay off the roads when you do not have a confirmed Tank Support Objective.

4. Choppers, CAS. If you do not have a Lase or a Call, try to listen to music at the Main base. (I'm not a pilot, as much as I wanted to be one)

5. Taking claimed assets is the last thing you want to do on an Insurgency. It pisses people off firstly, rendering a squad useless without their operative assets, and forcing you to explain what happened to your "previous" plan.

okay, now to AAS.

1. I will go over on APC first because that's what I do most of the time, APC's definitely are Armour Personnel Carriers, or IFVS-Infantry Fighting Vehicles. APC's are put in PR because they can provide and "WILL" provide Fire Support to Infantries when they ask for it, after the infantries clear the anti-tank contacts in the area. In addition to Transporting friendly troops to the designated location.

Especially on AAS, APC's should stay behind the Fire-Front, which is the furthest point a friendly infantry is located on the map. If you rush to the enemy lines, you're sending you and your gunner to a death trap. There is always a LAT or HAT or TOW your buddy cannot kill in time.

Stay to the objective, for instance, on Muttrah City, if you see a enemy squad building a FOB at South City when you are suppose to attack docks, leave them alone and save that valuable time to help infantries cap docks. If the other squads are not doing that, well then LITE THEM UP. But please on the usual occasions stay on-course with the main objective.

On Open Areas, drivers should always get out and listen for enemy Armour movements, getting a driver killed is less expensive as getting a whole APC/Tank killed. Drivers should scout ahead, but immediately come right back to the APC so you try to minimize the chance of you getting Sniped/or TOWSniped (THX .9)

When driving, when gunner says enemy contact or stop, just Stop and wait for the gunner to say go again. If you do spot the enemy "AFTER" stopping, then you can start following him according when the gunner directs you to.

Gunner, be tolerant, there is a lag between you screaming "STOP" and the guy telling to STFU, no but to react to the command. Infact, refrain from using the phrase stop and try to use "enemy spotted", then say Stop if the driver hasn't reduced speed yet instead.

Do not make multiple armor squads when you can just joined another one, if the tank squad is German Tank, try to get in and ask if they speak English. 3 tanks with steady communication via Voip is better than 1.

2. Infantry on AAS is a very broad topic, I will try to cover this extensive topic as best as I can.

Play PR on a Macro level like BF2, capture the flags, have at least 1 squad defending, and move on. Pretty simple, but sometimes I see the whole team fail at doing so.

A. Use everything you have to the best advantage,
when encountering enemy APCs, not only do you order your AT to shoot but also contact friendly APC's, they might not be able to 'fly" there in-time but they should be able to finish him off after.
If your out of ammo or supplies, call for a helicopter, they will be more than happy to assist you because it is pretty boring at the base. APC's should usually poop out some AMMO boxes along the way at your request.
Use the friendly APC's as transport, there is no need to walk to the next flag if it would take you 10mins, additionally, you will have the APC's fire-support at your disposal. Though refrain from asking for transport when you can simply walk the distance, vehicle engine does make a loud welcome noise.
Use APC's as your Close Ground Support, locate a stack of enemy infantries you cannot dispose safely, and call in the APC's with the grid coordinates or your location. Remember, this is best used when assaulting the next available flag.

B. As a SL, Keep your team together, this is pretty simple and covered in most guides.
With the new patch, the medic kit can be taken with a squad of two, not saying you should be leading a 2-man squad on a conventional operation. Having the medic around keeps you alive, and gives credibility to your squad as being organized and legit.
Try to use the kits that best fits what you do, keep it rifleman healthy, a medic, lmg, and a LAT should do fine on most occasions. HAT takes a long time to load, and if you are a squad on the move, do not pre-steal it for the team.
Squad leaders should manage on a general level, try not to manage every little thing that's going on, as long your squad is together and you are shooting the same target "on the marker" you should be fine. Managing things extensively can be tiresome. Be more assertive on your orders when your players do not respond.
As a squad member, keep with your squad and you better tell the rest of your squad what you are going to do when you are moving away from the squad, wait the for SL confirmation before doing so. I have had so many experiences with squad members wander off and explain 30 minutes later what they plan to do.

3. Snipers, yes some SnipZ0r tips,

Snipe what you can, and laze or report what you can't.

Play with stealth, do not try to go directly where most of the action is taking place, maneuver around and then strike.

And most importantly, try not to snipe as much. Honestly, A newb sniper is worse than a newb rifleman or medic in terms of team contribution.

umm yea, I will add more if I can think of some more later. Thx for reading