View Full Version : Things start coming together :) by [R-DEV]Mark XIII

2010-04-02, 13:00
Well, The PR A2 sound dept have started to make some changes. So far we have a nice soundscape coming together. I've started on the weapons and Bruce is working on the environments. Between us, I think we have a nice workflow, something that I hope you'll all get to hear soon.

Currently, we have quite abit working ingame now.

Smallarms for Brit & Taliban units.
Mounted heavy caliber MG's.
AT4/RPG firing sounds, as well as ammo (different sounds for various RPG ammotypes).
Sonic cracks for all PR weapons.

Also I must thank Bruce who's managed to capture some really nice sounds. He sent me a some vehicle sounds the other day and I have to say I was mightly impressed. I really looking forward to getting stuck into the vehicles, especially the air based units :)

Well, I must go out into this horrid rain, typical huh... has to rain on a bank holiday.

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