View Full Version : Congratulations J.F.Leusch69, thank-you AfterDune by [R-DEV]Masaq

2010-04-01, 02:40
I'd like to give a warm thank-you and goodbye to AfterDune, who has decided to take a step back from his role within the management group. Over the last year he's put an awful lot of hard work into revising how the Community Factions are run, and it's resulted in the changes that we've all seen. The Canadian, IDF and Hamas have all made it in-game, with the Germans not far behind - thanks in part to AfterDune's efforts in keeping things organised and reviewing progress regularly.

With those achievements behind him he's decided to step down into a developing role again, leaving his position as Community Faction Manager open.

J.F.Leusch69 has been involved with the ComFacs for some time now, and was the natural choice for his replacement. He'll be working with the rest of the Management Group and the R-COM team leads to oversee the implementation of the remaining ComFacs and I'm sure that like me, you're looking forward to seeing the outcome of his efforts.


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