View Full Version : Trying my hand at high Poly modelling by [R-DEV]Matrox

2010-03-29, 00:00
Well, it's been a few weeks, probably months since I've put anything really worthwhile into my blog. My life in university has been 110% studying at the moment. My other shortfall at the moment is that they have invested in a firewall that blocks out not only the illegal sharing they were targeting, but everything else knocking out my xbox live, mumble, teamspeak, xifire and everything else that I use to get my PR work going, let alone PR itself. But life aint ALL that bad, there is a hell uv a lotta raving :P


So in the meantime, I've been scouring the interwebz for ways to help me keep on top of my skills. I've also tried expanding from texturing, to modelling, and then onto UV mapping. I thought I would take some time out to show you the progress of how my High Poly modelling is going. As you can tell, it's an RPG. A simple starter model, as it's mostly tubes and cylinders. There are a couple of tricky parts however, like the handles, the triggers and housing etc etc.There is still a few things left to do, such as The ironsights, attaching the rear grip, a few furniture items and a rocket, but the hardest parts are more or less completed. Enjoy guys and girls!



More... (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/3504/b183-trying-my-hand-high-poly-modelling.html)