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2010-03-24, 15:45
I am stilll pretty new to PR, so excuse me if this seems ignorant.

I have always loved flying heli's in BF2, and of course wanted to do the same in PR. I started flying and I have come a long way in my opinion, I have even trusted myself enough to start transporting squads online. The only Heli i have had any real trouble with is the damn Chinook! Why is it so god damn hard to fly.. I get up alright, I can fly around, BUT I always have to be on the damn thing in order to not lose control. I have only made a handfull of succcesful ladnings in the thing, where as the Huey for example, I can land it every time.

So my question is, why is so hard to fly? Is it being worked on? Or am I just failing at an epic level on flying the damned thing...It's my understanding that it's decently new to the game.

2010-03-24, 15:47
I think it's one of the easier ones to fly. Handles very smooth and is quite responsive for it's size.

Just remember it's long as hell, so make sure you have enough clearance when landing, and don't go in too fast/steep.

2010-03-24, 16:11
i think your problems is that your are too used to the helicopter to having skids over wheels, wheels make the chopper slide alot more when you land meaning it almost always has to be flat(ish) to land the chinook

2010-03-24, 16:29
Its fine to fly, the main downside is visibility, i.e you cant see much around you out the cockpit so clear the pad before landing.

2010-03-24, 17:12
I usually touch down with the back wheels first and gently push forward to put the front part of the Chinook down always works for me. Also if your flying into tight areas that may also be a problem. Try landing near fields about 100m out from where the squad wants dropped off.

2010-03-24, 17:17
You support good grammar but the start of your sentence XD

The Chinook is imo easy to fly i mean you just gotta plan your LZ and your approach and your all good.
Plus of course you have to be on the chopper to fly it or else it wouldn't fly...

one more thing i wouldn't say your failing on an epic scale your just learning, these things sometimes take time and then not everyone can fly on this game.

2010-03-24, 17:41
the chinook is both a joy and a pain to fly, and is imo one of the most unique helicopters in PR

what you need is practice, practice, practice you get the idea.

reading your post it isn't so much the flying part thats the issue but the landing.

on yamalia this isn't too much of an issue as alot of the flags are near the flat parts which allow you to come in fast and just roll to a stop near the required drop off point.

if you need to come into a dense wooded part or near some uneven terrain the one thing that must be done is to kill speed. I use M&K for choppers, and with every other chopper (especially the huey) to stop on the deck just requires you to get a nice angle and stop pressing w. what i've found with the chinook is that this approach generally just propells you forward into enemy trees and buildings, as even when you feel like it's gonig slow the counter is still at around 100 km/h

simple thing is to tap s to bring it down and upon landing hold s, with practice you'll know how much to 'tap' as over doing it can have some other unwanted effects (you wont be propelled into the enemy trees or buildings, but chances are loss of power and weird movements towards enemy road/hill)

take what you want of my somewhat kak advice

just practice! and it'll all come into place.

2010-03-24, 17:53
Assuming that it is the rolling on landing you are having trouble with. When you reach your LZ, kill ALL speed. IE, dont land at 50 - 100 km/h, land at around 10-20 km/h and preferably with your back wheels first. Then you wont roll forward.

2010-03-24, 18:08
i don't think it's hard to FLY only to land imo (but i'm quite the noob)

2010-03-24, 18:55
Agreed - it is about the easiest and most enjoyable chopper to fly in PR - admittedly it can be hard to land but only because of the visibility from the cockpit - otherwise due to it's length and having wheels, you can pretty much put it down anywhere that isn't past about 5% gradient. Landing it like a jet on a runway and then keeping the throttle on and taking off again like a jet is just so much fun to do.....

Have you tried adjusting your sensitivity of your controls - e.g. I normally set my mouse sensitivity to 1.4 in the control options (default is 4.0 I think) with inverted on of course. I then adjust the mouse DPI according to which aircraft I am in, the more sluggish ones get a higher dpi and the more agile ones a lower dpi - works for me...

2010-03-24, 23:09
I don't really have any issue with landing, just descend early, then nose-up, and maybe a tap of reverse thrust to set it down. Just like flying the Apache.

2010-03-24, 23:12
Its a little sluggish, and landing can be a drag, because of the limited view. You cant really see the ground, your going to have to estimate.

But overall a good chopper, and its sexy :)

2010-03-24, 23:21
I have my mouse inverted, and I have also found a good mosue setting for me. I wouldn't say it's the wheels, I have no problem with the other wheeled heli's.

I just find the decent is kinda weird, which ends up at a bad angle...and a bad landing.

2010-03-24, 23:28
I think I get what you are talking about but when flying any chopper your time is spent looking at the artificial horizon on your HUD, looking out the window for obsticles and your mini-map for approx location.

So when landing and taking off you need small adjustments of the stick/mouse to keep the bird level and when using the keys for the throttle, I find it best to just tap the 'S' key to throttle down, say once every other second and never press it for longer than a second at a time - if you do the bird will start to stall and come down way to fast or go off to one side - remember when you press the throttle keys it goes straight to full power positive or negative with no in between - so gentle with it...

2010-03-24, 23:42
A huey is really for beeginers its easy to descend directly from high altitude (pr standerds) and you can really slam it down hard. But on the other hand the chinnok if you want to get landing kind of dive a bit till your very close to the ground then hold 'S'

2010-03-25, 04:04
I spent a good hour practicing today, I'm getiing better at the landing, still taking a long time, and ALOT of room though. Just working on tightening it up, and making it faster. I think one of my problems was the tapping of the "S" on decent, I think I finally found a good rythem.

2010-03-25, 05:12
Chinook is relatively easy to fly, it's just so much different then the other choppers, being giant and dual bladed.

Also, The chinook, and for some reason, all of the helicopters in PR.9 like to "lean back", basically not touching the keys while in the air makes it want to do a backflip. So, get a gradual-direction joystick (As in, pushing it forward half way gives you 50% "nose down" movement, instead of a direct joystick, which is basically any direction any way gives you 100% with no middle-area.

So, Just push forward until your at about 20-40% forward (As in, pushing it stick forward, "Nose down") and you'll be balanced. Otherwise, for those less-fortunate just having a keyboard, keep tapping up.

2010-03-30, 00:27
As far as landing (I'm sure this has been said), choose your landing zones wisely. The Chinook is big, it takes up space. Probably just as important is learning to maintain speed. Landing shit-hot is a bad idea; it's even worse on wheels. You can land the Chinook with ease, but you will have to hover (Simply slowing down to near hover speeds works too).

I've learned flight speed impacts how well your landings will be as well. If you want to keep it under control, don't fly it at 100% torque. I typically cruise around at 80% torque (In all choppers). Not having rudder control at high speed eliminates one aspect of your ability to maneuver, so not being able to control the remaining aspects of maneuvering due to high speed will inevitably lead you into the ground.

Take the big windy out for a spin in a cooperative match. Fly it from any two points at 100% torque, and then another two points at 80%. Observe the difference. The more airspeed there is, the more effect your control inputs have when in forward flight.

2010-03-30, 01:44
Will the constant sliding be fixed in the upcoming patch?

2010-03-30, 03:31
Will the constant sliding be fixed in the upcoming patch?

No, because it is not an issue.

2010-03-30, 08:00
I find the easiest way of landing without forward momentum is to raise the nose and land with the ass end first then lower the nose before stopping. I even land that was from high speeds *killed a Russian landing a full squad on Yamalia once i lol'ed* Just have minor momentum by the time the nose touches down.

2010-05-08, 20:33
The usefullness of the Chinook is kind of...moot. It can only carry an extra 2 passenger than compared to a huey. Squad-wise, that a horrible number. Thats 1 and 1/3 of two squads. Those extra two are gonna be helpless blues. Sure, the chinook gets an extra crate, but so what? Thats why you have a SQUAD of pilots, not just one.

So two extra passengers (that prob ride the shortbus) and an extra crate, at the cost of needing nothing short of a runway strip to land and being a GIGANTIC floating hitbox.

I would rather fly or be flown in a Huey ANY DAY over a chinook.

2010-05-13, 18:28
Remeber if you cant land just hover and have the lads jump out.

2010-05-13, 20:20
and an extra crate, at the cost of needing nothing short of a runway strip to land

I'd be the first to admit I'm not a good pilot.

Flying and landing the Chinook is a piece of piss, come in rear down first, as soon as the back hits, gently let the nose down, and hey pronto, you've landed in a tiny clearing on Yamalia.

The way to fly the Chinook is thus: Forget everything you knew about flying smaller heli's. It's a whole different beast.

As far as the carrying capacity is concerned - I agree, but I just think that Hueys etc. should be able to carry less ;)

2010-05-14, 06:42
H[=OPOSSUM;1343386']Remeber if you cant land just hover and have the lads jump out.

except this is annoyingly not easy because the chinook is Very..very back heavy. It doesn't take much either to over compensate, sending it flying in any which way killing some of your passengers, or even worse even TOUCHING an object with a wheel. Once you do that, its pretty much all over, you're going to flip and there's nothing you can do about it. Maybe a little over exagerating but... lol, they are definitely quite dif.

2010-05-14, 14:15
I flew one the otherday on Op. Archer. To me it was an fast and easy to fly chopper. Easy to land but it takes a little longer if you have no room and need to land vertically. The two crates are good which makes it about as effective as a logi truck with no repair crate.

I use the mouse and keyboard for all of the choppers I fly, no difficulty what so ever.

2010-05-19, 11:08
i think chinnoks good to fly but u need to sit further back so u can see out the bottom right window of the cockpit, this would help landing i think and it may solve ur problem prowler, btw how do u close the back of the chinnok.

2010-05-24, 05:56
I find it incredibly easy to fly, and super smooth when it comes to turns and acceleration.
But when it's comes to landing, i find it impossible. I find that it really reacts to uneven ground. I know that changing that is hardcoded, but it's still REALLY hard. It's view is kind of poor too. I think hornedviper's idea is good about being able to sit further back to see out of the bottom right window

2010-05-25, 13:09
Does anyone here use a joystick to fly the choppers? Or do you find helis hard to control with anything besides a mouse?

I want to see better support for joystick users, since that's how choppers are flown. You just can't explore the potential of the aircraft with a pointer and the w key. If you want to see beautiful flying, that's how to get it.

A utility for configuring the sensitivity/deadzone/ accelration of joystick would be useful. Maybe just a little standalone configurator that you can launch outside or in front of the mod.

2010-05-25, 14:52
The code could do with some refinement, like all of PR's aircraft. For example holding down S to correct a roll makes the Chinook slide violently along the ground instead.

No, because it is not an issue.
It is an issue IMO and it's doubtful you would know if it's being looked into.

It can only carry an extra 2 passenger than compared to a huey.
Both carry the same amount of passengers, the Chinook just has an extra supply crate.

2010-05-31, 05:27
Not hard to fly handleling wise just a bugger to actuly see out of the thing.

2010-06-14, 21:45
its a b*tch to land pretty much anywhere but the helipad, otherwise i think its great to fly (visibility's a bit limited though...)

i get past this usually by hovering a few feet above the ground and let people jump out

2010-06-15, 01:21
I'm gonna try revising the code to make a more realistic and better (as in smoother, less jerky) Chinook. I'll see if I can get a video on by Saturday.

2010-06-16, 07:14
Personly, I think it is harder to fly than other helicopters... for 2 reasons... those 2 are that its fast, and its so big its hard to land. But you will get used to it!

2010-06-16, 09:57
Hmm, weird... I find flying the chinook very easy.. The way it handles is just... ahh. so nice.

Also the way you can make it hover 1 meter above the ground.
And its speed!

I just love to fly the Chinook.

2010-07-07, 19:58
my biggest gripe is visibilty and the speed it accelerates.

2010-07-13, 00:54
I find it easy to fly xD, but the best way to land is find a small clear spot to land and make sure theres not any enemys shooting at you. and landing alittle farther from the actaul LZ can save you and your squad, NEVER try rescueing people from the water unless your want to die. try to get 2 squads in your helo if you can. and dont rush, rushing can kill you, your helo, and your teammates

2010-07-17, 19:36
The Chinook flies like an angel, at least to me. I enjoy its "hard" flight characteristics since it makes it easier to perform advanced maneuvers such as high altitude fast desents. Also, if you are new to PR you may still need more practice with helos before you can call yourself a good pilot.

2010-07-17, 20:02
Chinook is the easiest for me to fly. Still can't land on operation archer though, but thats more to do with the airfields tricky layout.

2010-08-02, 19:53
Easy to fly (As far as flying in BF2 goes) hard to land. I think the speed could be brought down from topping out at 1000km/h to like 700-800km/h so the helicopter does start speeding up when you are trying to land. /offtopic - Can you ride in a Chinook with out being seated / is it safe?

2010-08-02, 20:31
Well let me give you a heads up.
If you fly helicopters in real life you ALWAYS have to keep your hands on it.
It's not like an airplane where there is cruise control. Hands must be on, stay on and constantly working, just as in game, it's quite tiring.

The Chinooks back end is heavy, it doesn't do well on uneven ground. Keep your hands on it, keep working at it.

These techniques work on EVERY chinook included map, especially Op.Archer and Silent Eagle. Yamalia is obviously the easiest, as it is completely flat.

Try not to land unless you're landing on something very flat, such as the airport.
Work on hovering, work HARD on hovering. Plan on making the side door available for infantry to hop in. You can hover sideways next to a slope, with side door in a position for them to board. It's very unlikely that you will be in a position for them to hop in the rear hatch.
Inf exit out the back, except 1 near the side door. Plan your hover drops so that the ground is close to the back and the door is nearest to the ground Don't leave the side door in a position that it will cause a big fall for that 1 man.
I used to (dont play anymore) pull up longways along side of a slope and have them exit then, with the side door nearest the ground and the rear end along the ground. The Chinook will then basically be pulled up along side, long ways with the ground. Just like taking a car and pulling it up along side a sidewalk to park.

the Nose hover used for extract is where you just pull the nose up and leave the ass end hanging out long ways, far off the ground. As if you are in a car and parking it nose first to the sidewalk.
Nose Hovers, used for extracts on uneven ground. Pull your nose up to the slope and hover there. This leaves the side door widely available for them. Obviously this is why you must train HARD on the hover. The slightest up, down or side to side movement will be the deciding factor in make or break.

if you can get this down, there will be happy days for everyone.

Also there the option of landing on a ridge line. Basically you land on the crest of an uneven slope, not on one side or the other, but right on the crest. This can be achieved even on an up sloping ridge line, NOT a downward slope. You can land on a ridge line with your nose on the higher side, but you cannot land on a slope with the nose on the low end of the slope.
With this landing something happens on lift off, and what that is is that the heli will want to fly backwards very very quickly upon lift off. You must practice and learn to correct this very fast. Ya need to throttle up and push the stick forward, basically nose down on throttling up. This will correct it and make it flat and actually give you lots of speed because of the momentum it carries from the correction.

I can honestly say that if you can get this down, there will be happy days for everyone and people will hop in your heli when they see your name as the pilot.


1. PRACTICE and than PRACTICE some more. Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect.

2. Be clear with your comms. If you know the LZ you will be placing them on than tell them.

3. Never drop your guys into a LZ that has little to no cover. 50% of the time they will be shot at on landing.

4. Know your maps.

5. Don't fly high, dont fly too low (until you can confidently and consistently fly so low that you take the heads off of gofers peaking out their holes)

6. Once you feel confident enough, take them for the ride of their life, every time. Make them convinced that they're going to die because of you and prove them wrong. Keep them on the edge of their seats. They'll ride with you again and again and again.


2010-08-03, 01:07
Also i saw someone very pro in a chinook turning the nose of the chinook pointing down the hill after landing on a slope. Never crashed.

2010-08-03, 03:07
Haven't flown the Chinook in a while but I don't find it too hard to fly, as said the landings are a wee bit on tricky side but as Doug there said Practicing is an important thing before you can become a good pilot in this and just stick with it until you become that confident good pilot.

2010-08-03, 03:29
The Chinook is not hard to fly it is just hard to make landings as you have such a limited visibility in the cockpit. Once you get used to it though, its not too bad. Even barrel rolls pretty well too.

2010-08-03, 15:10
Its just far too unpredictable, accelerates too fast, reacts too sharply to small movements, and vice versa.

2010-08-03, 21:52
I find that the best way to judge your LZ is to come in and from about 100m out and 25m off the ground, take a good long look at what the LZ looks like. Stick that image in your head and it will help you bunches. If you come in from real high and just throttle down and "hope" to land on something good, it aint gonna happen. You are in essence flying blind at that point and just being dumb, imo.
ya gotta see the LZ, clearly. To understand what's expected of you upon reaching it.