View Full Version : C8.5 B1 - Sunday 28th March

2010-03-22, 19:20


So welcome all new recruits to what should be a quick and fun tournament this time around. The main aim of this type of format is to cut down on time spent training etc and just batter PR how it should be played, for fun.


We discussed possible maps and realised that Yamalia brought us a great opportunity of combined arms with the emphasis being on Infantry. Some epic fights should happen on the multitude of random layouts that may be on offer on the night.


Hopefully by now a lot of you will be familiar with your teams and getting on like houses on fire, ready to kick the arse of whoever may be your opponent on the day.

Again, any problems then use chain of command or if not remember the CS forums are always a click away.

So good luck and I'll speak to you all on Sunday evening before the battle.


The Administration


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