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2010-03-20, 13:40
I was on karbala on the m1a2 tank, i shoot a sabot to a bomb truck and i didn' t destroy it.
I think it' s unrealistic, becouse a truck is not armored; with 2 shoot you can destroy it, but is the same for a bmp3 and it is armored :|

2010-03-20, 13:44
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2010-03-20, 17:58
Yeah the bomb truck does seem to have way too much armour for a truck. I mean I understand having to shoot the cab of it to do the most damage, and sometimes, even do any damage at all. I think the devs are working on changing Gary's armour around for the next patch though.

2010-03-20, 20:43
Also for the realism's sake: bomb trucks carry bombs. They should be fragile, no dust car can withstand hit with either 120mm HEAT shell or sabot round... Neither can an old(?) air bomb. IMHO Gary should be as fragile as a regular bomb car. The fact that it carries x times more explosives does not mean it is extra protected in any way.

Eddie Baker
2010-03-20, 20:55
There is already a thread on this topic.


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