View Full Version : Changhe Z-11 (Chinese LB)

2010-03-09, 00:15
I am reposting part of an old thread I made for this because now it's back on Qwai and it still has the same issues it has always had.
It's not something difficult to fix, but would make an immense difference when flying this helicopter.

The nose pitch when flying with throttle is way too accentuated. Even 30% power will make the nose climb extremely quickly, and for those of us who don't fly helicopters with a joystick, that makes it very hard to keep it pointed down.
I would suggest fixing it so you can at least fly straight without having to stroke the mousemat constantly. I thought the LB was bad but the climb in that one is hardly even noticeable when compared to the Z-11.

It would be perfect if it could handle more like the other helicopters, especially the EC635, tilting downwards when flying.

It's sort of the same problem the Chinook has, heavy in the back, but with the Z-11 you can't hit anything with the cannons because of the tilting.
It just keeps pulling towards the sky, and it is making the helicopter useless as a scouting helicopter and a CAS helicopter.

2010-03-09, 13:31
Cannons are also a bit off.

Reasonable quick easy fixes though and very overdue.

2010-03-24, 18:51
All good points. I have a very hard time getting those heavy MGs on target. It isn't horribly hard when the targets are stationary, but when you have to lead and follow a target, it gets to be ridiculous. A fix would be so fantastic.

2010-03-24, 18:57
It's about the only chopper I don't enjoy flying - having to constantly pull my mouse back (by lifting off desk) and then start the slowing pushing up process before dragging it back again and then repeat......... you get my drift...

It is very annoying in this bird.....

2010-03-24, 19:03
Might be worth giving it some form of missile to be on par with the LB on Qwai?

2010-03-24, 19:21
Are you guys kidding me, the chinese LB is the funnest helicopter to fly in game, its got more than enough speed ( averaging 700km) when flying , you can outrun the LB, you can climb faster than the LB, and you can suprise atack the LB withouth the LB even noticing you.

If your having trouble flying it, I suggest a new mouse, I use the G5 Logitech Laser mouse, Retails for 70$. but its well worth it when it comes to flying helos that have tricky handling.

THe only thing that could make it better is upping the firepower, Maybe some hydras , or 2 hellfire missiles controlled by the co pilot.