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2010-01-25, 04:44
africa is a huge theater where the use of boy soldiers is heavy you guys should add some young boys on the african side i think it would be a huuge hit and a great thing that would set pr even more apart from anythng else out there

2010-01-25, 05:32
Even though it's bitter reality, it's not necessary to see boy soldiers in game. Just like shakhids, donkey bombs etc.

2010-01-25, 05:55
ya i dont people would like shoot little boys ....

2010-01-25, 06:01
I do.

Oh wait, different type of shooting.

2010-01-25, 06:07
I do.

Oh wait, different type of shooting.

thats one of the best ways to get on the FBI watchlist

2010-01-25, 06:28
ya i dont people would like shoot little boys ....

Nosferatu;1243128']it's bitter reality.

It's not the fact if you like it or not its a certain degree of realism. Then again idk if it's possible to add a child model or if you'll have to make an adult model look young.

2010-01-25, 06:40
In real life, there are child soldiers, which is really really sad. So yes, it's realistic, but it's something you will NEVER see in PR.

2010-01-25, 08:19
don't add this

1) it would being unnecessary agro...

2) I would think if a 'boy soldier' picked up a kit geo it would look super stupid

2010-01-25, 08:35
i really think it should not be added for ethnical reasons, but Rudd's second reason is just too awesome :-P

2010-01-25, 09:01
Children are not being added.