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2010-01-11, 17:56
South African Defence Force

because of the main faction African resistance fighters there was a suggestion about making the union of south african conventional army. it would only make sence the French vs ARF And or ARF vs SADF. acting like a policing force the SADF could go on cache hunts or what ever new game modes come out . it would be a good addition to PR with the new updates to come in the future.

So suggesting after ARF is finished you should begin working on the SADF faction :)


2010-01-11, 19:07
Great, so when can we expect the first model? I assume you must be very busy creating it :lol: :wink:

2010-01-14, 15:48
Thats a good idea!

2010-01-14, 15:54
Its the SANDF these days, the SADF was somewhat... controversial (hence the name change).

Additionally, this has been suggested before here (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f391-african-resistance-fighters/71473-rhodesia-republic-south-africa-units.html)

Locked for resuggestion.