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2009-12-29, 00:04
Firebases on Muttrah especially

People often times misuse or underuse the wires. Sometimes players think they can erect fortifications rivaling the Great Wall of China from wires. And other times, people think that wires are effective as covers: sometimes they are, but usually not in my opinion. Instead, they are largely useful in obstructing enemy APCs or other vehicles.

PIC A. the red blocks are wires.


In picture A, I show how people usually use the wires to protect firebases. They usually just place the wire to block the vehicle enterance. This is effective in keeping the enemy vehicle out of a firebase compound, and that's fine. But its weakness is demonstrated in the image: the enemy APC can shoot inside through and cause havoc. The following is what people do less frequently.



In addition to the standard wire obstruction which you can still see unchanged in PIC B, the road that moves above the firebase compound should also be blocked to stop enemy APCs from doing drive-by raids of the firebase by stopping the enemy vehicle from firing inside the compound through the main enterance opening. You can also, if it doesn't obstruct your own forces, block all the roads surrounding the firebase to stop the enemy APC from doing carousel rounds around the compound (the purple wires represent this choice of action). But remember that wires can expose the location of your firebase, so don't be too generous with them either. IMO.

And lastly, remember to use covers provided by the map props to shelter the firebase. This is obvious, but sometimes I've seen this elementary stuff disregarded by our battlefield da Vincies.:)

2010-04-25, 22:30
I'd like to add a note for defending a gateway or other chokepoint (opening of a warehouse, for instance). By setting up barbed wire perpendicularly from the walls that define the edges of the entrance, you force enemy infantry to step out and away from any walls that they may use as cover and expose themselves to fire.

As you can see, the bottom left entrance to the compound still allows men to move in and out, but makes it more difficult for attacking infantry as they cannot use the walls for cover while firing in.

2010-05-06, 05:33
Clever use of wires in the third picture. Simple, yet clever.

However, I'd like to point out that such a set-up would still be ineffective against an attacking squad. Theoretically, an attacker would lay siege to the FO and with only one route out all people within the FO are choked by their own emplacements.

I do believe that wire 1 is redundant if you have wire 2 and 3 up too.

2010-05-14, 20:29
I do believe that wire 1 is redundant if you have wire 2 and 3 up too.

I agree, but in some situations you can pass wires 2 and 3 and not wire 1 (because of the wall), meaning it IS a good defensive addition agains INF IMO.

2010-05-14, 20:50
add one fox hole in close proximity to FOB to protect spawning inf and this diagram is a great baseline for building FOB's

2010-05-14, 22:10
add one fox hole in close proximity to FOB to protect spawning inf


Now, I just used this tactic on Beirut (the diagrams one), none of my FOBs got taken down. And we won. :)