View Full Version : [vehicle] Toyota Landcruiser Pick-Up [WIP]

2009-12-19, 20:06
ive started work on the landcruiser finally after taking some time to acquaint myself w max here is what i have so far its not much jst the blueprint walls set up so i can begin to make the mesh
tell me what u think of the model i chose, its a 1979 you can find it on blueprints.com or something like that

2009-12-19, 20:20
Good choice, it's the most commonly used in Africa.:)

2009-12-20, 01:55
Perhaps us over at the PSC base could use this? :D

2009-12-20, 09:38
It may look interesting, I wonder...

2009-12-24, 03:39
Hangman, I don't c y not I'm nt faction lead though talk to the russian guy that's like nofestrasue or sumthin or the guy who started the stickies(though I think hes afk atm)