View Full Version : Commander UAV and a side note.

2009-12-07, 17:15
Hey Guys,

With v.85 comes the wonderful UAV system, and I've found out a good way to use it.

Concentrate on something of the enemies you want to take out - Tanks, APCs, Firebases etc. the exact nature of the target depends on the map.

For tanks and APCs, guide you're AT (Friendly Tanks, TOWs, HATs etc.) by telling them the exact location of the target, and keeping a constant stream of information about what the target is doing, so that they can ambush and destroy it. This is surprisingly effective - as you have a better view than any recon elements, and can talk to the squad with the AT directly.

Also discuss anything strategy wise about the UAV here :)


I Found a reason to be a commander :D

Leading a whole team through a game, giving orders, keeping them organised, using your UAV etc. and winning is probably the most satisfying thing I've experienced in PR.