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2009-12-07, 17:39
I was playing on Chicago Insurgency server last night on Operation Archer, we were the Taliban and Sitting in the Castle scouting out the Americans for the team.

When we look towards the village and my squad leader (=HCM= Dv83r) spots a lone marksman laying just outside the castle facing village, so he decides to get a easy knife kill and begins sneaking down to the lonewolf.

First attempt led to Dv83r sliding off the hill to his death, but he didnt give up he spawned in on our hideout and set off down the hill again, this time watching his step, the rest of our squad were all sitting in the castle watching and laughing as this time, when he sneaks down he gets about 10 metres away when the marksman turns round and spots him.

now this is the moment we all know they crapped themselfs as neither knew what to do, so SL decided to just charge the marksman with his knife, and marksman obviously was so scared and didnt know what to do was that his reaction was to turn and run away with his tail between his legs and jump off the mountain. which led to us all crying with laughter lol :smile:

luckily xfire decided to work so i could get some pics of the marksman being a coward lol

so whats your fail knife stories?

2009-12-07, 17:56
Lolz well once i remmeber i was on Qwi and was trying to knife a SAW. I got to him and he didnt notice so i desided to be a jerk and scream "Fall back" and as soon as i did that he turned around and turned me into swiss cheese

2009-12-07, 20:24
Hahahhaah! nice with screenshots..
It's really funny to knife ppl, but they usually hear you and turn around and BOOM BOOM you're dead and you fail :p

2009-12-07, 22:08
lmfao great story :-P will the shamed marksman please report here so we can abuse you ;)

2009-12-07, 22:11
Loads of times I'm 1 inch away from the enemy and he turns and shoots me OR he runs away (without seeing me) and I chase. Just to get owned by him later :( just happened in Asad Khal, Chicago Insurgency 2.

2009-12-07, 22:18
U know unless u sprint they can't hear u without u having there speakers like at full

2009-12-09, 09:34
me ? i put a whole mag in him to make sure he is dead then i Tbag him

2009-12-09, 09:49
I got a story about a fail knife AND a WIN knife.

The map was road to kyon (or whatever it it)
I was on one of the machine guns inside the compound.
I didn't realise that someone grappled over the wall until they were right behind me so i jumped off the MG and turned to face him and i was like OMFG HE'S PULLED A KNIFE ON ME, so I pulled out my knife and stabbed him in the eye... WIN...

2009-12-09, 11:57
To be stabbed in the face by the target you are just about to stab is probably the most humiliating situation in PR.

this happens to me too often :<

2009-12-09, 13:16
To be stabbed in the face by the target you are just about to stab is probably the most humiliating situation in PR.

this happens to me too often :<

NOrmally the guys turns around and full-auto's me. :(

Sgt. Mahi
2009-12-09, 13:59
Just wait close to your victim. Make sure you have some sprint to make it up to him. When you hear him fire a shot you go for it. Chances are that he is to distracted to hear you because he's concentrating on something else. Also a rifleman alway shoots more than just one shot so he will never hear you coming because of his own shooting.
I always knife solo snipers to learn them a lesson. Even if I have to go the long way around. It's so fun thinking about that poor guy that probably had alot of trouble getting hold of that sniper kit and now you have it so he can't get it back. It really is a joy for me :-)

2009-12-09, 14:08
I rarely knife, I take careful aim wait for deviation and head shot...no fun I know.

2009-12-09, 15:08
I rarely knife, I take careful aim wait for deviation and head shot...no fun I know.

As i always, the only way to make sure that i will kill my target, not the other way around.

Anyways, i have a story too. Server was Pelitutka, map Operation Barracuda and i was at Chinese team as a Squad Leader. I was sitting inside the South Rock Fortification bunkers(near the airfield) and a US guys tries to stab me, twice. I get up and auto him in the face.

2009-12-10, 08:59
I only cut when I am 100% sure I can. Once, I tried and could only cut dust, the guy turned around and smoked me lol.

Little fun video, in skirmish, try to see how long I can be behind an enemy.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/u_nfQqDmHvE&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/u_nfQqDmHvE&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

2009-12-10, 13:46
I heard one guy moving up to me - I stand up turn around press the left mouse button on full-auto and I get knifed. :(

2009-12-10, 13:52
Its a different story when u hear someone behind u and u put a full clip into ur team mate:-x

2009-12-10, 23:15
Good ol' knife, saved me quite a few times in "hand to hand" combat...

2009-12-11, 14:48
sadly i always loose knife fights in PR >.> i used to pwn in BF1942 and BFv with knifes tho..

2009-12-11, 14:56
sadly i always loose knife fights in PR >.> i used to pwn in BF1942 and BFv with knifes tho..

You should try the throwing knife then on codmw2 :-P im a ninja with that thing! :-o

2009-12-11, 15:05
I've got a knife-WIN story for ya. I was playing USMC on Muttrah, I was about one block west of the south hotel building. I think I shot a few guys running on the streets, but I got shot too. Being a rifleman I only had one Field Dressing. Didn't patch me up. So I decided to get close to the hotel as I thought there might be a few enemys there that could surrender their Field Dressings to me.

As I approach I see that the courtyard (around the hotel) is smoked. Can't see shit, but I can hear stuff inside. However, I now notice that I have about 0 ammo for my M4. Fuck it, what do I have to loose? Get my KA-BAR out and run right into the smoke. I see a guy, knife him. I see another one in the smoke. Knife him too. Then I notice that there is some extra smoke coming from somewhere deeper into the shitload of smoke. They are building a FOB under the cover of the smoke inside the courtyard. Grenade on those guys. One or two go down. Run to the FOB, incendiary on that fucker. It goes down, run out of the courtyard to see another enemy standing close to the main road that follows the coast line. Knife him too. He was a medic :D get his kit, heal up.

Then I got killed by something and teased the MEC team in the chat.

2009-12-11, 15:33
the master of knifing and sneaking: Erik





2009-12-11, 15:49
I only use knife when in really desperate situations = without ammo or without time to reload. It's a fail 90% of the time.

2009-12-11, 16:16
If Zeno is your enemy watch your backs guys.

2009-12-11, 17:03
I swear that C4 video has been redone in a later version on muttrah, its almost exactly the same

2009-12-11, 19:18
A knife win story. I see a guy laying on a hilltop, and i notice him when I'm behind him, about 10m away. I walk up to him and knife him. Fin

2009-12-11, 23:07
mine involves a bayonet on a SKS but whatever.

Operation Archer, the US decides to come to my castle. I was shot once and bleeding out with no dressings.
US squad took up residence in the tower and was camping the ladders. I tried grenading them to no avail.

Just then their chopper decides to come in an approach to land on the tower, using the cover of their gunfire I toss a rope up on the roof, climb up right the chopper lands. Run up and knifed the lone soldier on top, then knife the 2 that load off including a saw whos weapon was still getting ready, Knife the pilot who stupidly stayed on the deck. Then sprint downstairs and kill the 2 soldiers who were focused intently on that ladder. stabbing one and sprinting to the other....

The fail, when I ran over my own nade trap placed earlier during my occupancy of the tower. The surviving soldier that was saved from me by me took off in the huey to RTB it.

Moral of the story is...I hate nade traps.

2010-03-03, 06:08
My ping is always triple digits. So whenever I melee someone, very often only smoke appears off his chest. Then he'll turn around and blow me to bits

2010-03-03, 07:32
had a funny thing happyning

i was standing in a tall building on the new russian vs new Militia faction map looking out the window. i had just turned around to get back down when i ran by someone who didnt look frindly... i stopped and looked around and saw that he had done the same, i drew my knife to try to get him and the same did he but after running around trying to hit each other for a while i got scared that i was gonna loose it and decided to bugger off. i sprinted further into the bulding untril i ended in a blind end room. i sat down beside the door with my knife ready..soon after my foe came in but before i could do anything he blasted me with his AK47