View Full Version : [Video] CQB Squad's Last Stand

2009-12-03, 17:16
Server: Chicago Insurgency
Map: Fallujah West

The CQB squad worked it's way out of the north entrance of the base in West Fallujah. After scattering an few Insurgents attempting to mine the entrance, the squad advanced along the road with the SAW in a position to cover. It wasn't long before they were engaged. The squad fought a very close battle against the insurgents, finally locating their spawn point and clearing out the compound. By this time they had neutralised at least 6 insurgents and arrested 1 Collaborator. Again the squad continued south, eventually contacting the enemy again. They came under heavy fire, and took cover in a T Shaped building. They were then ordered to hold a position covering a T-Junction that the enemy had to use to reinforce it's weapon cache, while Squad 4 moved in to take the Cache out.

OK shurrup so I'm going to have to upload a diff. 1 grrrr

2009-12-04, 11:54
Very nice video. It seemed to be a squad with a teamwork spirit You were playing with.

Mr Smiles
2009-12-23, 12:40
Yea our sl was pretty damn good wasnt he, wasnt it this round he had round 20 kills? I remember i shot 2 or 3 dudes of their bikes and just couldnt believe i hit them everytime with 150 ping^^.
and lookign back at the end of the vid, that house was a fn deathtrap man.

2009-12-29, 23:48
Really good AAR (I think this it that) but an update on your rig would be nice. :) High ping is nothing for the marines! :D

2009-12-30, 14:57
that house was a fn deathtrap man.

It was more when we left the house when we got slaughtered, when we tried to get the humvee...