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2009-12-03, 10:45
This was an attack from the outside of the south side of Basrah across open ground to an outer urban area to destroy a cache and pull out.

This was accomplished perfectly, and was also a great example of mumble teamwork.

British Assets involved
(I'm sorry I don't remember lots of names)
2 Warriors in one squad, I know General Joker was in one.
1 Scimitar in one squad
12 Infantry in two squads, myself leading my squad and Frosty_McOwnage the other, stoffen was my LAT.
1 WMIK in one squad
1 Logistic truck in one squad.

Insurgent Assets

Approx 3 squads of 6 men.
1 technical
2 Cars with RPGs on top

The round had proceeded quietly. We spawned at VCP and immediately manned the 50cals. We destroyed 2 cars that attempted to circumvent us.

10minutes in to the game the Warriors spawned, so we decided to abandon the VCP as it currently served no purpose. Intel had been gained at the SW side of the city.

We brought the rovers back to main, en route we engaged and destroyed a bomb car with the help of 2 WMIKs from other squads.

We loaded in to the warriors. At this point we were a convoy of 1 Log Truck and 2 warriors. We asked all vehicles to cover us on teamchat, and were rewarded withour convoy being swelled with a scimitar and WMIK.

We proceeded down the west side of the map, pausing at the land bridges to check for IEDs/mines. Forunately no such obstacles presented themselves.

We arrived at the south bridge, built a FB. and took out a few targets on the road. A RPG car attack was destroyed quickly by the APCs.

We spent 5 mins observing the area to see if we can locate the cache from afar, directing APC fire via mumble.


Then the infantry moved forward with APC coverfire.



the cache was quickly found and destroyed, we organised ourselves with the LMG providing fire from on high


We called or APC transport to extract safely so we wouldn't be under fire as we withdrew.


we pulled back to the firebase so that we could wait for squad 1 to reorganise



Didn't lose anyone from my squad and gained several kills each.

Really enjoyed the round before my internet gave out.

2009-12-03, 10:57
ah the joys of the cache being on the borders of the town.

Sounds good, was this on TG?

2009-12-03, 11:04
yea this was TG :)

2009-12-03, 11:29
I'm glad your tale ends where it ends, cause right after that i nubed out by missing the northeasternmost landbridge and drove my Warrior straight into the river, shortly followed by a ragequit.
GG up to then :)

2009-12-03, 11:34
You sure? We had alot of cool clearing of the fields around the village after this. mabye you sank later on.



it was actually a good example of establishing a cordon and search on a enemy contact. Lucky for us it turned out to be a cache, again no casualties.

I'll even make a video of this bit cuz the infantry dismounting from teh warriors then storming the fields in a big line was just awesome to behold

2009-12-03, 11:39
Yeah it was after the clearing of the fields. We did our first RTB of the round while infantery stayed, both APCs ran out of ammo. Joker ran the APC squad, put a mark on the crossing - there was a lot of allchat on mumble and squad talk making me sortof confused, so i steered right for the yellow arrow, which turnout out to be a general marker, in the middle of river.

And again, my apologies to Frostys squad for that beep-ing bug all the way across the map at game start. A simple Alt+Tab fixed it.

2009-12-03, 11:49
Was the challenger destroyed or unused?

2009-12-03, 12:13
The challenger went off by itself afaik and died. It didn't even try to help us, afaik it was destroyed somewhere near the refinery while we were extracting.

2009-12-03, 21:06
good stuff, almost a mirror to an excellent round of basrah on Chicago Insurgency i had a couple days ago. If the brits support their armor, and the commanders makes good use of his UAV, its a surefire formula for success.

2009-12-03, 22:03
Sounds like a textbook attack mate, very very well done.

2009-12-03, 22:22
Tactical Gamer has a mumble channel??

2009-12-03, 23:03
Tactical Gamer has a mumble channel??

tactical gamer has 2 mumble channels. It is one of the few PR servers that actively seperates each team in the interest of increasing teamwork.

2009-12-05, 01:06
Oh wow. I feel out of the loop :S

2009-12-24, 00:13
I dont know how to use mumble in PR without exiting the PR window and then talking.

2009-12-24, 00:30
I dont know how to use mumble in PR without exiting the PR window and then talking.


if using vista, run as admin

2009-12-24, 00:32

if using vista, run as admin

O right thanks