View Full Version : [Short Story] Kashan Clash of Armor

2009-12-02, 19:08
Three MEC T-72's headed north in single file. The crews identified themselves by call signs; issued rules of engagement and targeting procedures.

They rolled from base to the north-west area of operation.

Enemy Blackhawk spotted to the east at 600m, was missed by T2, but downed by T1 soon after.

They continued to roll north.

Cresting a berm, they stumbled upon three Abrams heading west, not more than 150m in front.

Hell unleashed.

A curtain of smoke deployed by T3 provided concealment and coerced the Abrams to drive through the smoke, into the sights of T1's patient gunner.

T1 was hit twice, but struck the Abrams, less than 50 meters to its side, in between the turret and hull. T2 and T3 managed to wipe out the other two.

It was short, intense, and as intimate as you could ever hope to find yourself in the midst of a steel battle.

T1 was disabled from the fight, and moved its way down the ridgeline. T2 and T3 linked up. An AT crew in the area responded the call for repairs with a Logistics truck.

The entire operation was decided in MEC's favor during the heat of that first tank battle.

I was the gunner of Tank One, was anyone else involved in this fight?

2009-12-02, 20:38
I wish i was that sounds epic!