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2009-11-27, 18:33
This is my report from an excellent round on TG yesterday 26/11/09.

The map loaded and I created my usual squad "Infantry". The active flags were Hilltop Estate, Hill 155 and Warehouse. During the round I had the following players (that I remember) and gratz to them all as they made the round hugely enjoyable. Kudos also to Stoffen who commanded the Chechen team for the round.


We loaded up in a technical and raced down to the woods to the West of the Warehouse flag, with a mind to set up a brief ambush if we could catch any enemy constructing defenses/moving in vehicles to the other flags. Our only contact during this time however was a lone sniper who kindly donated his kit. With so little contact we decided we would be better placed to procede North-East and aid the assault on Hill 155.

Scouting ahead

Wellink takes aim at enemy infantry around the Hilltop Estate, with me spotting

Patrolling forward through the woods

Having scouted enemy infantry around the Hilltop Estate we proceeded to approach Hill 155 from the South, with Frozty_Mcownage's squad assaulting from the North. The enemy had numerous armour pieces in the area, as well as an infantry squad and they had deployed a firebase close to the flag. This was our primary objective.

We advanced along the hilltops, taking care to avoid the enemy armour which was surrounding the objective quite effectively. We were eventually spotted by enemy armour and APCs to our West in a valley, however we suffered no casualties. I detailed our squad sniper to hold in the hills and occupy them whilst the rest of the squad continued the advance.

During our advance we took a lot of fire from these vehicles

Eventually we got into a position to assault the enemy firebase close to Hill 155. We proceeded to engage the enemy in a ferocious firefight across the road, and with Frozty's squad attacking from the opposite side we successfully wiped out the enemy troops, and killed the firebase. Our task was made far more difficult by the presence of enemy APCs and Tanks.

Thankfully we had thought to bring AT with us, and the APCs proved to be very easy to remove. During the fighting around Hill 155 we destroyed two enemy BTR-60s, with Frozty's squad also accounting for several as well.

Close range fighting on the objective

Intense firefight around Hill 155, Frozty's squad taking down the enemy FOB whilst Farks hits the enemy APC with a L-AT. Our joy was shortlived however...

Wellink spanks another BTR with a L-AT

On objective

With the firebase destroyed the hostile infantry were beaten back by the determined efforts of our infantry, and although the enemy armour held the road, with no infantry support they could not hold the flag and eventually withdrew. We were ordered by the CO to hold the flag at all costs, as our first stage flag (Hilltop Estate) had been overrun and neutralised by Russian infantry strengths. As we set up defensive positions we began to come under fire from a Russian infantry squad that we pushing in across open ground to our South-West. We returned sporadic fire with our PKM.

Russian armour locks down the road

Russian infantry assault

The Russians began to lay heavy suppresive fire on our position and we were assaulted from both sides, with the infantry attacking from South-West and enemy armour coming up the Western road. Throughout the round the Russian armour had that road locked down, with heavy fire being layed down throughout.

Eventually after some 15 minutes of keeping our heads down and fending off enemy infantry, the hostile armour pushed up in force along the main road. This combined with the infantry assault meant we were trapped between a rock and a hard place, and gradually the squad went down. We fought defiantly, killing a BTR and wiping out an infantry unit but could not survive the sustained pressure without support.

Russian armour had the hills and road locked down

View from the tank

At this point the Hilltop Estate had still not been re-captured so we respawned at a nearby firebase and proceeded up the hill to support the assault. We successfully cleared the area with other squads, and were ordered by the CO to lock down the area and defend. This we did, putting down fire on enemy infantry far out to the East. The enemy however had advanced from Warehouse and had brought up BTR-60s into the hills to the South, from where they suppressed our position.

Under cover of this suppressive fire they sent infantry, and after we managed to repel one infantry squad they called in a mortar strike. My squad was caught right in the middle of this strike and were wiped out, although other squads on the objective survived to continue the defence. We respawned afterwards and continued to defend, killing a Russian squad that were attacking across the open fields to the West.

Observing Russian infantry on Hilltop Estate

Russian artillery strike hits the Hilltop

By the time I left the round had been going for approximately 1.5hours. The Chechen team had more than 300 tickets remaining. Terrific game all round.

Other pics:

Russian infantry lying just a few feet from a Chechen Spandrel

Russian infantry deploying from an APC to assault the Hilltop Estate

The Chechen artillery pieces were used effectively throughout the round for long range fire

A Chechen with a stolen Russian PKM fires across the hills

2009-11-27, 22:13
wow, that looks like a great round. I have never seen that artillery actually used before

2009-11-27, 22:50
wow, that looks like a great round. I have never seen that artillery actually used before

me neighter

2009-11-28, 01:15


These make great wallpapers :D

That's really detailed AAR and sounds like a great game. Just a question, about how many times did your squad die in total?

2009-11-28, 01:32
Thank you for posting this AAR, really is a great job.

Would you mind posting this Here as Well? (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/battlefield-2-after-action-reports/)

2009-11-28, 08:15
awesome post, too bad you didnt stay to the finish so we could have watched more of your TALE FROM THE FRONT !!!!

2009-11-28, 16:33
That's really detailed AAR and sounds like a great game. Just a question, about how many times did your squad die in total?

Depends, the squad as a unit went down twice; once when overrun at Hill 155 and then again when caught in a mortar strike at Hilltop Estate.

In terms of the actual KDR it was around 16-2 when defending Hill 155 and we extended that through the defense there and then attacking/defending Hilltop. Unfortunately I didn't bother taking any screens of that as scoreboard pics are boring :p

Thank you for posting this AAR, really is a great job.

Would you mind posting this Here as Well? (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/battlefield-2-after-action-reports/)

Yeah will do soon as I get back to my normal PC on monday. Im intending to have plenty more rounds on TG soon so i'll be looking to make a similar AAR after each :)

2009-11-28, 18:21
That was a great game I was running a BTR that helped in the assault on Hilltop but never really much around 155. I think in that whole assault we only got like 3 kills just because the chechnyan infatry were so well hidden, we were able to suppress their positions however for friendlies to clear them. That was a nice flag layout that kept a lot of fighting in one part of the map which is what I really like and hope would happen more in AASv3

2009-11-29, 02:36
Was a great round indeed, i joined Rudd's squad after you left and there were no lack of action there either.

2009-11-29, 17:26
APC video was great xD
Love the flip at the end!

2009-11-29, 23:24
nice! great post!

2010-01-12, 22:54
Hey jigsaw nice post, remember the retard apc flipping and all hiding behind 1 rock before being artyd. Good game and really nice post! Seems like loads of effort.