View Full Version : [AAR] it was something out of Black Hawk Down

2009-11-22, 14:09
it was a while ago, on Ramiel. Naturally, i was on the US team; quite well into the game my squad pretty much got shot to pieces. the humvee we dismounted from got hit with an RPG and no more than 10 seconds after this happened, i was giving cover for my medic to go and revive a sq member when an rpg flew right at my head. literally, it was so close, the rocket pretty much came right at me looking into the screen.

and well after that, my medic was hit with an rpg, and the saw gunner was down, so i and a rifleman, legged it back to a decent place, called for extract, popped smoke and went back to the base...

shortly after, the server reset, so i lost the battlerecording :cry: it would of been sick to see how close the RPG was from my head