View Full Version : [Video] .874B Gameplay Muttrah City

2009-11-15, 20:29
Our squad couple with other squads on the MEC team and take up positions inside and on top of buildings in North City to defend it against USMC attacks which leads to a stalemate.

After a long stalemate, our group of squads team up with BTRs to attack the Muttrah Docks.
The assault, however, failed. We attempt to push again to assault the docks but we
end up getting pinned down on the northwestern side of North City.

Our group of squads is pinned down on the northwestern side of North City. Every attempt made to move out and assault the docks fails. Our group holds at the northwest while Rudd's lone squad flanks by moving through the southern side of docks.

With Rudd deep inside USMC Muttrah Docks territory, our group finally start gaining ground in the assault of docks.

Roughly 40 minutes of video from an approximately 2-3 hour match on TG.

2009-11-15, 21:04
nice vids, looks like ur team was pretty well organized

2009-11-15, 22:29
Brilliantly done! If only all PR matches were the same :-) Haha love the friendly roadkill in the 1st Video

2009-11-15, 23:46
503, are you Reedible/Unedible?

Watched the first 2 already and will watch the next 2. Good stuff, thanks for recording ;)

2009-11-15, 23:50
dbzao;1184046']503, are you Reedible/Unedible?

Yeah. I have a lot of aliases.

2009-11-16, 00:02
So much secrecy... :p

If you would like to change nicknames in the forums or something, just ask.

2009-11-16, 12:08
Nice vids, as always...

2009-11-16, 12:58
Yeah, you videos are always great.

2009-11-16, 17:07
Some sweet HD vids there. Looks like some seriously solid muttrah action. Thanks man!

2009-11-29, 23:58
great vid, I just love this map

2009-11-30, 04:19
great as usual :)