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2009-11-13, 13:42
Ok, I'll start off with the Ghost Story:

Once Upon time there was a Weapon Cache. This Weapon cache was in the dark terrible lands of Korengal Valley. The Valley was littered with US Marines, and they had an outpost, which could see this Cache on the mountain side.

The Taliban Forces spawned on the cache, and were engaged in a fire fight with said outpost. Then a Brave squad decided to assault this great, dark fortress of evil. Popping smoke as they went, they attacked the Outpost even under heavy SAW and rifle fire. Finally, after half an hour of heavy fighting, the Taliban squad entered the Outpost. What they saw shocked them all to the bone.

There was no one inside. Not even a body or the Logistics truck that spawned there. All there was, evil looking and horrible, was a single supply crate in the middle of the courtyard.

Scary Much?

Later that day (AAR time) in C4, both teams clashed along the road in an epic fire fight, as we launched a counter atatck on an enemy "rally point" that turned out to be a FOB that we never noticed (Until they told us near the end of the game) in which there were ambushed, long ranged fire fights, tactical Moves, the lot.
Heeeaaalll Meeeee
Every one Reload!
Hold Teh Linez!
We has your town.

The next round was Ramiel, and we had a good time with some Humvee Patrolling, using the Combat Engineer for field repairs and mine removal:
Muwahaha, your Puny Mines are no match for our spanner!
Mmm Techie Sandwich
Time For Field Repairs!
... Posers.

2009-11-13, 16:15
I ROFLed hard at the supply crate... and the heeaallll meeee... Which servers?

2009-11-13, 16:48
I ROFLed hard at the supply crate... and the heeaallll meeee... Which servers?

Alll Chicago Insurgency.

2009-11-13, 17:37
US Army is on Korengal, not Marines...

2009-11-13, 21:05
Outlawz;1182294']US Army is on Korengal, not Marines...

Oh Well. In game there's virtually no difference anyway.

2009-11-13, 23:14
Cool story hansel.

Heal me and reloading screenies I can totally relate to.