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2009-11-13, 09:56
this is not suggestion,this is just story.
but we can always think why we gamers behave like this.

i was medic on my squad.
we played kozelskmap.
our squad moved on location what our squadleader ordered.
there was battle,squad was killed.
but i survived.
with my crappy gun,alone in enemys territory,i just decided to hide.
i hided myself in some building.
my squad respawned outpost what was a quite far away from my position.
squadleader ask me:can you proceed to our position?
i answered:no.
there was one apc and 3-5 infantry moving near me.
squadleader sayd to me:if you die,spawn at outpost and then regroup.

where was my rescueteam?
why my squadleader tells me (i am medic without scopes) to run through hostile territory alone when they have more firepower,etc?
i think that they just have to proceed to next flag.
is gameplay too fast still that you dont have time operatios like that?rescue me?

what other squadleaders think about?
if i say to you that i cant proceed to your location,enemys are everywhere,they gonna slaughter me.
is your answer,if you die,spawn and regroup?
i know that this is just a game and shouldnt take too much serious but it would be fun little operation:saving private maarit;-)
problem is,you dont get any points about those kind of operations,no teamwork points.
theres much important mission going while your medic is dumped,alone,in woods,behind enemy lines.you have to proceed to the flag before other team proceed to it.
but what happened to that lonely medic in hostile territory,dumped by his buddys?
yes,he was killed in action.

born : muttrah v1 v0.5
died : kozelsk v0.87

-Eventually, all paths will lead to the cemetery-

2009-11-13, 11:13
Leave no man behind. Rescue should have been attempted.

2009-11-13, 11:30
your squad should not have respawned to start with, given a little time they should have held on wounded and you should have tried to revive as many as possible, the survivors should have fallen back and the "dead" team members should have regrouped, and you could then move back into the contact zone, now knowing what you faced and being more prepared.

2009-11-13, 11:36
I agree with anglo - should of waited five mins to see if the enemy would let you get at least the SL up to place a rally for anyone who was unrevivable.

2009-11-13, 11:49
I agree with anglo - should of waited five mins to see if the enemy would let you get at least the SL up to place a rally for anyone who was unrevivable.

yeah,i was playing the t&t betaserver,no rallys.
i get warned that the zone is hot and there is enemys near.
so i move very carefully to check whatt happend there,bodyes were everywhere.
and i check the map,reinforcements was arrived to outpost.
so i think that they get killed.
i hided and,well you no rest.;)

2009-11-13, 12:27
Playing a medic almost all the time, I tend to see a lot of players giving up 25 sec after getting killed. You see the medic coming from the dead bodies but it is to late and eventually the medic is killed as well (even the non-squad players gave up quickly).
Then you are asked to suicide (duh?) or get killed to respawn with your teammates, that is plainly stupid but alas common thing.
As he described the scene, there was and apc and possibly 3-5 enemies, not quite easy to revive (especialy if they have given up already lol). His situation is very familiar to me because a medic seeks the safest place to back up fire and heal when needed, thus I usually end up alone after a heavy encounter (I wait or I try to reach their position but I am dead almost the time ^^).

Medic is a valuable asset and wasting a ticket (and points but that's not terrible) shouldn't be encouraged. Rescue should be regardless of any members of a squad.

2009-11-14, 14:09
1) They should not have given up until you told them to give up.
2) Iron sights are the best sights to have on that map (and most other maps), learn to use them and you'll never pick up scoped weapons again.
3) When the enemies had killed your mates and they think you are all down and they are reviving and healing each other up. That's when you strike and kill them all, if you can't get your friends up before the enemies are dead.
4) If you know that they have much more fire power and will get killed if you try to engage you often manage to sneak out the situation since you can't afford to be seen. It's stupid for 5 people to move in, especially without a medic, to save one ticket.

I do like the idea of rescue missions, but then you need to give the team more in return then one stupid ticket. Let's say of the crew bails out and are saved (get back to main), the ticket of the destroyed asset not lost. That will give then team a large incentive to save the crewmen or the pilots.

You can calculate if it's smart for the team to rescue the teammates or not.

(TICKETS saved *PROBABILITY success) /( TICKETS Risked * (1-PROBABILITY success)) = X
Probability is from 0-1 where 1 is 100% success
If X is greater then 1 you try and save it, of not it's smarter to don't try and rescue the solider/asset or whatever.

In your case (I'm assuming the rescue mission has a probability if success if 50%=0.5):
1*0.5/(5*(1-0.5))= 0.2
It's just stupidity to try and rescue you.

You should also add the fact that the enemy might also loose some tickets if you move in, so it won't be that bad. But as far as a pure rescue mission goes, that formula is good enough for deciding if you should rescue people or not.

2009-11-14, 14:25
I agree maarit, sometimes its fun to do these types of operations, I do them as much as possible, not because its going to make my team win, but because its hella fun and can lead to some intense action, especially if you can pull it off, the enemey will really be pissed haha ;)

If I was the SL I would have rescued you pvt maarit, RIP!

We do this alot in platoon operations... if 1 or 2 squads are wiped out, the 3rd squad moves in to help out and revive, as players are revived and others providing suppresive fire / smoke, the whole platoon falls back in a big withdraw from the area, with lots of players bleeding and general crazy battle sense going on, it can get quite intense :)

2009-11-14, 17:07
As a medic I always appreciate it when people hold out for a revive. It kinda sucks to wait, but its well rewarded in the end when your team wins because people didn't just get bored and waste tickets. I definitely agree with Fuzzhead, rescue missions are good fun.

2009-11-14, 17:16
Agreed, they shouldve held out until given the ok by the medic to give up.

if they all had respawned, and i was SL, i wouldve ordered someone to grab some AT and follow me to get my favorite squad member back.

Sounds like you guys play a good medic too, knows how to stay alive when the tish hits the fan... quite a shame to lose you :*(