View Full Version : [Video] Al basrah Fire Fight

2009-11-12, 18:55

Had a cool round on Chincago Insurgency - our squad took on the enemy team with some fire and manoeuvre tactics, to some success.

Compound Firefight. - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/18a414/)
Compound Firefight 2. - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/18a483/)

Squad Leader: Leap Ping (V. Good SL)

2009-11-12, 19:19
Good stuff. I love seeing videos like that, more realistic and not just over the top head shots and all that crap.

You need a graphics update badly though ;)

2009-11-12, 19:25
Yea nice video with some tacticly gameplay! Gotta love the click click after you healed the SL tho ;)

2009-11-13, 00:30
Good little firefight m8, you mest need ammo alot, all that supressing you do :smile:
Herbie " did you like ur pressie " :razz::razz:

2009-11-13, 10:45
You need a graphics update badly though ;)

Tis my Monitor isn't fast enough to play on high or something :(

I can play on Medium but it's a bit jerky so I play it on Low, but now it's lagging quite a bit - though that may be my interwebz :)