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2009-11-07, 06:38
Well I was playing a round of Kashan tonight on the MEC and we were doing fairly well, we just took the bunkers and were moving into North Village. Although we were winning the battle, the horrible organization was killing me. So I decided to give commander a try....

Now before you jump to thinking a had no clue what i was doing I spent a fair amount of time on this forum reading up on how to be an effective commander, and even if I started doing a poor job everybody was being lonewolf so it would even really matter. But once I jumped in the com seat and got nice and comfy I felt I was doing a decent job of ordering squads to regroup in two seperate groups, one in a FOB north of North Bunker and and another group to the west of the North Village.

I sent up the UAV to get a better look at what I was attacking and then all of a sudden when I order a FOB to be set up behind the ridge east of the bunkers, immediately after that the map disappears and it says I lost satellite feed. I honestly didnt know what to do and I felt totally helpless without any way to order my men around, but the UAV still worked?

Can someone explain to me what happend and what I can do to avoid this issue?

2009-11-07, 07:12
You probably zoomed in too close, and the simplest fix would be to mouse scroll down and zoom back out.

PR doesn't have the top-down battlefield view that vBF2 has, so your job is down to overlooking the operation from a 'these assets are here, this squad is reporting this, this squad is over here' point of view. All your intel on enemy movements come from the UAV and reporting squads, and not the satellite.

2009-11-07, 07:12
You zoomed in 3 times. In vBF2, when you zoom in 3 times, you get a 3d feed from the satellite on whats happening on the ground. So you can see directly your people and the enemy as well. As you saw, the feature was removed from PR.

Edit: Dam, ninja-ed.

2009-11-08, 22:02
oh okay, I probably hit the mouse wheel without realizing it. ah, everybody hates those stupid mistakes!