View Full Version : [AAR] CAS on Kashan

2009-11-04, 22:54
Today luck was NOT on my side :sad:

I took of as a F-16 Pilot i patroled and awaited Lasers from my Sniper, but the A-10 had most of them, after a While i got a chance to drop a JDAM and BOOM! i took out 3 guys :mrgreen:

But after a while the A-10 got chased by the MiG and i just couldn't find him O_o

But then Suddenly he popped up behind me! :shock:

After a lot of evading etc he He managed to land a hit with his cannon, and making me smoke!
Fortunatley i managed to RTB and land.

After i Went RTB i went back to the Skies, and then i got a Strafing mission, i strafed my targets but out of nowhere the MiG popped behind me again landing a Hit with a missle, but not enough to make me burn, and after a little while he fired a missle and i saw it in Check Six cam and i saw the Missle approached closer and closer, and then i thought: Screw it!

Am i dead? am i in Heaven? no! I'm flying wiithout my plane, oh look there goes my plane, oh look a Missle and Boom! hmm I'd better hit "9"

So here is my Story, i got shot down South of our Main, so i just wanna say one thing:

I failed as CAS


I won as Pilot! ;)

I wanna Thank [PR]CATA|Kruder for being my opponent, and [PR]NATO|Redfab for being my Rescueman :mrgreen: