View Full Version : [AAR] HMG on the Roof

2009-10-22, 20:42
Okay, i was playing muttrah city on chicago 24/7 (again) with Ploddit and A British Sniper, Zhaj and a few other guys, and ploddit suggested a HMG on the roof of the building i was on. so i placed the HMG and built it and it worked perfectly and i killed many MEC! YUMMY!

Anyone got any stories like that?

(sadly the game just crashed after that. Sorry guys.)

2009-10-22, 21:02
Well errr we got raped up there ... as usual on roof's in Mut but an interesting thing to know.

2009-10-22, 21:43
-'hey sl, theres an hmg on that roof'

-'let's shoot it then'

*blam blam*

(hmg stops shooting at our team)

-'good shooting guys'

-'umm...sl, i dont think... OH CRAP!!!'

(hmg killing our sq)

2009-10-23, 07:36
Well, i did kill a few MEC dudes with it.

2009-10-23, 08:25
It is kinda weird though because in this very map, one of the thing I keep an eye on is the roof or windows of T-shape building :). Sometimes it is so obvious when someone pops out his head and then bye bye lol.