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2009-10-17, 22:15
Server: I know it was a finnish server, I can't recall the exact name though. Starts with "P"
Map: Fools road
Played faction: Chechen
Players involved: ]HGD[ Gurkensepp and myself (plus some hostiles)
Commander: None
Kits: I myself was a sniper and Gurkensepp was my spotter with an SL kit.
Goal: Scout out Russian reinforcement lines and relay info to the team. Als destroy RPs and FOBs if possible.

I'd like to point out that I rarely use the sniper kit. We just wanted to try out some new tactics and objectives.

Anyway, after placing an RP and scouting the woods for Russian RPs, Firebases and enemy movements, we got seperated. If I recall correctly, my SL had to spawn at main due to an overrun rallypoint of ours. The outcome of that was me being on my own holding position and scouting out hilltop (his orders).

I found a position from where I could see the hilltop compound cap, especially the entry gate at the east side of it. One of our squads was fighting off wave after wave, doing a great job defending. I contacted them and told them that I would watch the gate and inform them of any enemy movements, which I did (and I got some kills as well).

Suddenly, due to my lack of 360° awareness, 3 or 4 russians were able to get too close to my position. I noticed them, when they started running past me, into my field of view. I was VERY lucky, because they seemed to not have seen me in my location.

Two of them moved past me, in a "loose" single file. They were too close for me to feel comfortable, and I thought the remaining two would spot me any moment. So I waited until they halted and covered a different direction, stood up and ran for my life.

Then, two other russians appeared right in front of me, moving across my screen. They haven't spotted me, but I didn't want to depend on luck once more. I ran up to them, staying out of their vision and knifed both. (Ok maybe I DID depend on some luck again :D). Then I ran in the opposite direction, trying to regroup with my SL.

I was running up the hill, and stumbled upon a russian FOB, which I carefully circumvented, since there were some hostiles staring right in my face. Of course they spotted me and tried to get their hands on my precious Lee Enfield Rifle. I was on the run again, popping smoke and taking quickshots at them to get away. My escape ended right in front of a steep slope. I had two options:

- Get into a CQB Firefight with two hostiles armed with assault rifels and die, or
- slide down the slope and have a small chance of survival

I took the second option, and slid down the slope, injuring my leg and making me continually loose blood. I just hoped that my two pursuers would think twice about following me down there, which would give me some time to get away.
Being the lucky b*****d that I am, they decided to give up and try to shoot me from above. So I ended up running through the woods in a zig zag course, taking at least some cover behind trees and being as unpredictable as I could be.
I basically did everything possible to survive.*

Once it went silent, I carefully concealed myself, flipped out my field dressings to stop my bleeding (I still needed medical attention though) and scanned the terrain around me for any other hostiles. I also had a great view of the slope I just slid down on, and my pursuers standing there, figuring out what to do next. I thanked them for letting me get away by placing a round into this one guy's head. Then I moved out to regroup with my SL, which had somehow acquired a technical. (Yes, I know, not the best use for it - we wanted to RTB it though.) As we were on our way back to base, the game ended.

Like I said, I rarely use the sniper kit, but this was one of the best "Sniper-moments" I ever had. Moments like these show me, why I enjoy playing PR so much :)
(*Please note, the tactics used might have not been the most professional or realistic, but as long as its not Bunny-Hopping or similar vBF2 stuff, its ok to me)

2009-10-17, 23:24
i had something like that. only with me the enemies went past me, i shot the sq and got sniped by a friendly (i was marksman) allowing the second enemy sq to get my kit and shoot the sniper that tk-ed me. they got hold of his kit aswell btw